January 15, 2019

Art selection made easy


Amar Gallery guest post

Introducing artwork into your home can often seem like a daunting task. Perhaps you've just moved into a new house and are faced with the challenge of filling the blank walls, or you’re looking to add ‘creative flair’ to an existing room. Our art guide below will give you some useful tips for curating your ideal home!

Curation Curation should go beyond the arrangement of artwork. It can also be used to inspire and provoke an emotional response. Perhaps you're looking to create a talking point within your home or have a space to retreat in. Connecting artworks emotionally will set the tone for the space and provide endless inspiration and conversations.

A home is an extension of who you are, so the artworks you choose should express that. We find the collectors that get the most enjoyment from an artwork, buy because they love the piece and resonate with the artist's process and intention. So start with that in mind and you will organically curate a space that is personal to you.

enter image description here Collecting Fragility, Marianne Nix, Oil on Linen, featured here with stained tulip dark, wood frame , 106 x 88 x 5cm £2100

Where? When curating for your home, "where" can be a crucial factor in determining the scale of the artwork you choose. Quite often there will be architectural limitations restricting how you can display an artwork or collection of pieces. For instance if you're looking to create a focal point in your living room and have a large area to fill, a singular artwork can help to define the space, creating a bold statement and balancing out the room.

Here’s some handy hanging tips if you have multiple pieces to hang. Take inspiration from our Pinterest board too.


enter image description here Joanne Hummel Newell. From (left) Chine, Looking Glass, Pontoon, 108 x 74 cm each, acrylic and ink on watercolour paper and birch ply. Enquire at www.curatedbyamar.com

If you have a series of pieces, this is a great way to ‘tell a story’, pictures that are hung in a line either horizontally or vertically can help to emphasise rhythm and balance. Leading the eye through the space. A linear arrangement of artworks works well in a narrow space like a corridor.

Grid Alternatively if you’re looking to unite a collection of artworks, a grid formation can work well. This formation only works well if the artworks are all the same size. The ‘Grid’ layout will emphasise the height of your walls, creating order and symmetry within the space.

enter image description here Joanne Hummel Newell, from left to right: Ice, Expand Ice and OK Ice, water-based and Indian ink on watercolour paper, 37 x 47 cm, £400 each

Clustered A clustered arrangement is much more loosely arranged, often forming an organic shape. Although asymmetrical, a clustered configuration is still balanced.

enter image description here Go Bold, Dawn Beckles, Acrylic, charcoal, and oil painting, 70 x 60 cm, £1,195.00

Salon style Think of 18th-century paintings on display at the Louvre or the Royal Academy Summer Show. Salon style is characterised by a floor-to-ceiling wall-to-wall frenzy of artworks hung tightly together.

Our top tip Why not mix up different art forms, textures and objects to create layered dimensions, surfaces and materialities within the space. Take inspiration from the Anni Albers Solo Exhibition at the Tate Modern, textures can be used to create architectural divides which can help to break up the space and soften the overall feel.

Lastly don't be afraid to add to your collection. Your tastes will no doubt mature over the years, take inspiration from the hanging tips above to transform your space by hanging your works in different ways to reveal and feature your latest acquisitions.

At Curated, we bring you the latest artworks from our talented artists across the globe. For a truly personal experience, why not use our personal shopping service? Send us a picture of your walls in your home, the type of art you like and your dimensions and we will message you back with options specifically catered to your request. If we don’t already have it, our artists also commission bespoke artworks. For more information get in touch with us at: +44(0) 7366470177

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