August 10, 2017

Addicted to Décor? Five Tips to Create a Changeable Space

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How do you know if you’re addicted to décor? The first sign is the perennial need to switch up your interior with each changing season. But with London’s ever-changing weather (and current October-in-August situation) it’s impossible to predict which season will strike next. That’s why we are giving you our top five tips for designing a space that will make those spur of the moment revamps simpler, and far more satisfying.

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1 | It's About the Small Things

If you love mixing things up (we know we do!) it’s all about those less permanent decorative items. For example, instead of committing to a full paint job, opt for switching up your scheme with rotations of different artwork and framed poster – changeable at a moment’s notice. Instead of buying a new couch, work with your cushion covers. These are easy to change and will give your room a quick and effective spruce.

2 | Neutral Palette

Keep a neutral palette throughout your home. I know it’s hard for you eclectic print lovers, but white, beige and oatmeal-toned walls and furnishings will give you the freedom to be bolder with small decorative items. This is particularly important if your home is on the smaller side, as light coloured walls work wonders when trying to make a small space look bigger !

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3 | Vases

Vases are certainly small objects with big impact and can be a décor-addicts secret weapon. Their versatility has the power to liven us a space in seconds and in so many different ways. Create and airy beach house vibe one day, and a quirky bohemian scheme the next by styling with flowers. Having vases or even empty glass bottles around the house will always come in handy for a drop-of-a-hat interior statement.

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4 | Wood

Incorporating wood into your space - whether it’s through a small coffee table or large dining table - will give your home a warm, timeless appeal. Even better – the gorgeous material can be matched with almost any style, or colour scheme.

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5 | Hallway to Heaven

For those of you who need a more permanent va-va-voom in your home…make the most of your hallways. Let your creative juices flow and try some wacky wallpaper or statement mirrors. As designer Anouska Lancaster pointed out, you can go crazy with the décor in hallways and landings because it’s an area that is normally only used for small periods of time.

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