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by Homewings Editorial Team on 31/03/2016 in Home Tours
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The African woven laundry hamper and the branch used as a wall hook perfect the eclectic look Homewings designer Cornelia was going for. These hampers come in a wide range of colour combinates, sizes and shapes.

We love seeing the impact that a beautifully designed home can have. Here's Elizabeth's story on the journey with Homewings to her dream bedroom:

When we moved into our London house I did my best to make it feel like a home with a personality. I experimented with some off-the-beaten path paint colours, hung great art in the right places and spiced it up with some quirky flea market finds. But our bedroom remained lacklustre and I just wasn’t finding any inspiration on what to do with it.

One weekend a friend I hadn’t seen in ages told me she’d recently used Homewings for her two bedroom flat and she gave a glowing review of how convenient and affordable it was and pulled out her phone to show me photos.

It did look great, but the thought of having an interior designer had just never crossed my mind. Call me old fashioned, but I also couldn’t imagine how it would work to do it all remotely online. After a gentle nudge from my friend however, I decided I’d give Homewings a go – and how happy I am that I did!

Untitled design (96)

As soon as I launched my ‘Design for Me’ project, the Homewings team set out to match me to one of their interior designers based on my taste and other requirements. In a couple of days I received an email with an invitation to my personal online collaboration board, where I met my designer Cornelia.

Right from the get-go I could tell that Cornelia totally ‘got’ my style and I was also amazed by how she understood the space just off of the floorplan and my photos. We started by discussing and visualising the overall look and feel of the room, or what Homewings calls that the ‘Design Concept’.

After our initial brainstorm based on Cornelia sharing different photos and ideas and me reacting to them, she came up with a concept that nailed my style - exactly the eclectic mix I was after.

Untitled design (99)

Then Cornelia set out to find the specific pieces of furniture and other finishings required to transform my room. I was relieved to realize that Cornelia didn’t try to upsell more expensive items to me and was happy to work with some of the things I already had as well. One of the great things about working with an interior designer I realized, is that they’ll have suggestions you never would have thought of yourself. For example, I would have never imagined that a bright yellow modern display case would fit so perfectly as a piece to show off all my antique knick-knacks.

The final design she produced was a gorgeous mix that was clearly ‘us’ and beautiful yet functional. She also wove together the various decorative items I had from around the world nicely, for example, a carpet we’d bought in Dubai and an old vault I found on the street that now does a great job as a bedside table. Perhaps my favourite idea of hers was when she suggested using a simple branch from the nearby park as a coat hanger! Brilliant.

Untitled design (100)

Once the plan was in place, she sent through a furniture placement plan showing exactly what item was going where and instructions on how to go about setting it all up. For instance, she gave me some great tips on how to test the paint colours she had recommended. My final design package also included a handy shopping list with direct links to all the items I wanted to buy. Voila! A fresh and gorgeously decorated bedroom was created. The only issue I had with the process is the fact that I’m now imagining the possibilities for the rest of my house.

If you're feeling inspired by Elizabeth's story, experiencing it for yourself is just a click away.

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