April 20, 2018

How a Cosy Airbnb in South Kensington was Transformed with Design

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This serviced accommodation provider approached Homewings looking to furnish a fabulous Chelsea flat. Aiming to cater to the stylish millennial traveller, the customisable Homewings Core Furniture Package supplied the unique expert design that was needed to deliver a chic design that would stand out against competitors.

Budget: £9,500 Turnaround Time: 18 Days Airbnb: £165/night

This host went for bold decor elements to bring the space to life, allowing it to stand out on listing websites and to attract the right clientele.

When renting on Airbnb, it is critical to make the most of the space you have. The tailored design did just that in the two bedrooms with a clean palette evoking spaciousness and comfort.

Your unique style has to show through each space and we firmly believe there is no need to compromise. That is why the Homewings customised furniture packs include pieces that are functional, comfortable and beautiful - designed to make your guests swoon!

At Homewings, we also know it’s all about durability and quality. Increase rental yields by investing in furniture that will stand the test of time while simultaneously elevating your space and differentiating your property from your competitors.

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