August 07, 2016

A buyer's guide on Ironwork and Industrial Lighting!

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The industrial style has developed in all sorts of interesting ways and has resulted in all sorts of interesting ironwork pendant lights. From rusty-looking factory style shades to very smart brassy numbers. To guide us through ironwork and industrial pendants light we are pleased to once again welcome our friends from Pooky to share their thoughts on this seasons must haves!

1. Timothy – the smart end of industrial

It would be a very smart factory indeed that housed the Timothy. Yes, it carries more than a hint of the industrial, but the stylish brass cap elevates it above the hoi polloi. Make no mistake, this is a substantial pendant, with a base diameter of 45cm, but we’ve chosen three different, very contemporary colours so that it looks right at home in a kitchen or even a sitting room. Which is your favourite?


2. Franklin in dusty road – the true industrialist

Now this pendant really is for the industrial purist. The Franklin in the dusty road with stone interior (below) has the proper, authentic factory look – absolutely terrific in a bare brick industrial-style kitchen. However, if you like the shape but want something a bit more polished, we also do in the Franklin in two other colours. Very approachable.


3. Lawrence – a seriously stylish statement

At a whacking great 70cm diameter, the Lawrence is undoubtedly a statement piece. But don’t think you need a vast room in which to hang them: they nestle really effectively over a small kitchen table. In the ash black version the antique silver interior emanates a cool and subtle light,while the stone-colour Lawrence has a copper interior for a lovely soft warm light. Really super stylish these


4. Stanley – dainty and elegant

At the other end of the size scale is the Stanley, a dainty 19cm in diameter, available in four different colours. Stanley is perfect for hanging in rows, for example over a long table (top interior design tip: hang pendant lights in odd numbered rows – threes and fives are better than twos and fours). Stanley also has a wall light cousin to complete the room.


5. Coolie hat – our versatile classic

Our coolie hats are quite simply a classic, and hugely versatile to boot - hang them as singles or in clusters or rows, or use them as beautiful wall lights. There are simply loads of colours and finishes to choose from. Your options are infinite with the coolie hat. Take a look at the whole Coolie family here.


If you’re going for a pendant light, there are a range of light fittings to match them, in antique brass, chrome, nickel, bronze, gun-metal and black. And beautiful twisted flex in a range of super smart fabric coverings.

Intrigued by these stylish lights? Work with a Homewings designer to pick the perfect light for you!

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