May 27, 2016

A Brazilian Getaway Right at Home


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We're in for a real treat...Homewings' Ana Perroni is sharing with us the secrets behind Brazilian interiors!

Relaxation and entertainment, these are at the core of the Brazilian lifestyle! With these in mind, from the most eclectic to the very classical home, there will always be a sense of cosiness and a welcoming feeling to any Brazilian interior.

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Making the most out of space and flow, Brazilian interiors have usually high ceilings and breathtaking views.

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In very urban cities like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, most of the relatively new apartments have a surrounding veranda that is often closed by glass windows. These not only enlarge the living area, but are a fantastic way of bringing the outside inside. And why not use this extra space to relax and entertain?

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Another Brazilian trademark is using lots of plants and flowers. You will notice that a good Brazilian interior will always count on nature.

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The use of raw and natural textures and materials combined with happy colours to cheer you up, create an informal warm and welcoming atmosphere no matter what the weather is outside.

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If you need help getting the Brazilian flair at home, team up with Ana and the rest of the Homewings team for your next design project!

Ready to turn your home into a Brazilian getaway? Start your project with one of our top Homewings designers today!

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