September 04, 2016

Tropical Interiors to bring the Outside in

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Even though the British summer has been underwhelming lately, we can’t get enough of the tropical trend thats sweeping through the interior scene. The deep greens and cool flamingo pinks are setting our hearts a-flutter, but how do you harness a tropical style indoors without making it look over the top or out of place? Well our friends at Iqrup + Ritz have given us some top tips on using tropical interiors to bring the outside in this summer.

1 | Tropical Prints

You'll be glad to know that adding a tropical touch to your decor can be done simply by replacing your old cushions with some new funky ones. Classic green palm tree prints will refresh your home whilst subtler, leafy prints in bold colours can make an equal statement. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can make a splash with a printed chair in a bright corner where you get lots of sunlight – when the sun hits, your room will be transformed.

2 Madeleine slipper chair in Bamboo Rust & Palm Pickers cushion from Iqrup + Ritz

2 | Au Naturel

Knowing your interior style before setting out on your tropical re-vamp is crucial, because adding prints to your existing space can be sometimes be a little overwhelming, especially if your space is leaning towards Scandinavian minimalism. But bringing the outside in through tropical interiors is not just about prints and green leaves - it's also about textures and natural materials. Natural wood pieces like small side tables are understated, yet chic and useful (for that glass of Pimms) and are wonderful ways to infuse tropical notes into your home.

tropical wood, wood interior, wooden bench, wooden coffee table, tropical interiors, affordable design, outdoor interior inside Source: H&M, Byshnordic. com

3 | Au Tropical Naturel

Sticking with the natural theme, there’s no need to overdose on greens and pinks to bring a tropical style indoors. Choosing leaf and animal prints in neutral colours can be just as exciting and sometimes even more elegant.

neutral tones, neutral tropical print, printed cushions, animal print, outdoor interior inside, affordable design Source: Apartment Therapy, House to Home

4 | The statement piece

Often all you need is one statement piece to transform your space. By choosing a tropical piece that’s bold, fun and chic, nothing more needs to be done to get that tropical feeling in your home when it is grey and muggy outside.

statement pieces, tropical statement, tropical interior, affordable design, outdoor interior inside, green chair, yellow cabinet, prints Source: Etsy. Com, Martha Stewart. com

Final tip from Iqrup + Ritz: Take risks. "If you love something, it will work", says Bunny Williams, interior designer to the stars. Don’t be scared to try something new. If you really want your room to feel or to look a certain way, go for it with full confidence and it will work.

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