January 09, 2017

The 'Easy Way Out' Guide to Organising your Closet

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Gentlemen, whether it's set at the start or the end of the year, we know one of the most reoccurring challenges that never seems to get done, is the gruelling task of organising ones closet.

For some, a closet is a sacred place filled with endless possibilities; for others, it’s simply a storage unit cluttered with the clothes of shopping-sprees-past, but for most, it’s somewhere in between. The unattainable goal is that of a comfortable, practical and well-organised space. However, when it comes to wardrobes, order seldom reigns for long. The key is getting a balance that will last.

1. Breaking News: Hangers are for Hanging

Yes, we promise this is a closet hack. Hangers are usually considered as tools to hang shirts, trousers and jackets. But when you want to get smart with your closet - they are your first line of defence. Create an easy-grab belt display that fits perfectly next to your hanging clothes by passing the buckles of your belts through the hook of a single hanger to get an effortless belt hanger. Make sure you start with the belt you wear the least and finish with the one you wear the most, to guarantee easy access. The same can be done with ties; Simply hang them around the hook, and keep layering them on one by one - and voilá, an easy tie dispenser. If you've got a little more DIY in you, you can buy a standard wooden coat rack, and tailor it to your hanging needs (see below).

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2. Hang Clothes by Occasion

When you’re rushing out the door in the morning, the last thing you want to do is sift through a sea of sweatpants and football jerseys before getting to your work clothes. For this reason, we recommend creating sections for your hanging clothes (the same way you would when separating clothes into drawers). Place your weekday/work clothes in the most accessible part of your wardrobe to expedite the selection process, while placing your least warn clothes towards the end of your closet.

3. Leather Boxes

No better way to feel like James Bond than to invest in some black leather boxes for your accessories. Not only does this set-up make for a super suave display, but it allows you to know exactly where your smaller accessories are for easy access (we’re talking watches, cufflinks, sunglasses, pocket squares etc. - even ties, if you're more of a roll-them-up kind of guy). If you don’t have a big budget, look for some faux leather boxes online, because with just a little time, imagination, and effort – just kidding. We’ve got you covered. Click here or here for some on-budget luxe boxes.

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4. Closet Tetris

In every closet, there is that awkward space that isn’t being used. Find it, and use it! For many, this is the lower area under the hanging portion, where shoes can typically be stored. Double-tiered shoe racks are a great way to maximise this space. Alternatively, insert a couple of these cubes in the space to get a custom shelf for your shoes and the perfect space to slot in your leather storage boxes. In other cases, there could be a good amount of space above the hanging racks, or the drawers, where you could easily install some shelves for extra storage.

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5. Colour Coordination (For Extreme Closeteers Only!)

Some of you who fall under that first category of closet-owners -your wardrobe is a sacred place. If so, you may be looking for an extra something to liven up your wardrobe - colour coordination is it. Keep your hanging pieces in the aforementioned sections (work, weekend, fancy, etc.), but try to organise each category by colour going in one direction. This way, the divides between the different ‘occasions’ sections will be clear, simply due to the colour changes.

6. Purge (the action, not the movie)

Never underestimate the power of a trash bag in the corner of the room when re-organising. Every so often, ones closet simply becomes too full and needs to be culled through. This doesn’t require any time of its own and can run as a background activity throughout your re-organisation. All you need is a heavy-duty trash bag in the corner of the room. Every time you stumble on something you know you no longer want/need – throw it in! "But what of the clothes that i'm not sure about", you may ask? For that, we have a trick that has been tried and tested by one of our own: The Six-month Maybe Box. This is - you guessed it - a box, where you place any and all ‘maybe’ garments. In the 6 months that follow, you will inevitably re-open the box to retrieve some items. Every item that you retrieve in those 6 months goes back in your closet. Whatever is left untouched in the box for the full 6 months get's the boot.

So, now you know it all! And remember, if you need a pair of fresh eyes and/or inspiration for your interiors - Team up with one of our amazing designers and give your bedroom the make-over of a lifetime! Start here!

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