May 31, 2017

Interior Trends for Summer

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We're all getting familiar with the warm(ish) breeze and the lull of Spring but let's face it, the allure of Summer is even more appealing. We all know the standard rules of Summer; Glorious garden parties, ice creams from the van and visits to the seaside... but what of our homes? If you’ve been wondering just how to give your home the Summer treatment, let our Summer trends lead the way. Just sit on your sun lounger, whip up some Pina-coladas (even if just in your imagination) and read away...

Interior trends for summer Source: Thibaut design blog

1 | Jungle Loving!

Is there anything that echoes Summer more than the thought of a luscious green jungle? This trend is for the bold and the brave - the interior enthusiast who likes to welcome the season into their home with a bang!

Exotic prints and bold new colours are gracing the palettes of interior designers and architects ready for the Summer season. Think palm prints, tassels, faux throws and hanging plants. When it comes to colours we are looking for the contrasts that pack a punch; greens, bright pinks, electric yellows and vibrant oranges. Don’t shy away from giving your home some jungle loving!

2 | Oh Gatsby!

Art Deco is back and what a joy to the ears of designers everywhere - and it should be to you too! The alluring glamour of Art Deco is something that has a place in everyone’s heart and now in their homes. Think: marble, brass, mirrors and soft shapes contrasted with geometric details. This timeless era will inject a feeling of class, opulence and regality into your living or work space. And when all the work is done...you'll be ready to host a perfect house warming party - What could be more Gatsby that that?

3 | Terracotta

We are heading back to the days when terracotta graced our homes... but don’t be alarmed, we’re not talking about the overkill terracotta of the eighties. Instead, we're talking beautiful matte, warm and welcoming terracotta touches. This trend will bring warmth into our homes as we wave goodbye to the cold and clinical whites and greys that have been sat on our palette for so long (sorry, Hygge… we’re gonna set you aside for a minute). If you’re feeling terracotta as much as we are, try to incorporate it in your home with feature walls, around your fireplace or underneath your feet by using matte terracotta tiles in your kitchen. And when all the work is done...you'll be ready to host a perfect house warming party - in true Gatsby style!

If you’re not yet convinced, replace your current planters with some amazing terracotta ones, you will not regret it, or the earthy tone it will bring to your home!

4 | Escapism

More and more we see our lives overrun by deadlines, meetings and the hustle and bustle of everyday activities. We are more reliant on technology than ever before and in turn need places to escape to. Places where we can relax, recuperate and be calm. Summer is the month of relaxation and this year we will be seeing spaces seemingly designed and crafted specifically for us to go read a book, do some yoga or sit with friends in. Invest in some oversized cushions to transform your lounge chair or couch into a proper relaxation corner, and build up your little slice of heaven with thin layered rugs, and warm golden light (it's easier than you think - just replace your current migrane inducing white light with a warmer gold tinted bulband tada!).

These nooks will be the perfect chill out zones during summer afternoons, and will give us that extra little bit of bohéme escapism that will get us feeling like we're in Ibiza!

5 | Don’t shake off the blues

Cobalt blue is making a statement this Summer. It is a vibrant, beautiful and timelessly adored shade. Cobalt is complemented by almost any colour making it super easy to add into your home. Try adorning your space with decorative accessories like a statement vase or some luminous cobalt cushions. It might be blue but it will bring a smile to your space (and face), that’s for sure!

If you’re ready to wave goodbye to the velvet, cashmere and dark colours of the cold months, have a play around with some of these easy summery additions! If any season is about being big, bright and bold, it is most certainly Summer.

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