April 20, 2018

How to get that Summer Bohemian Beach Style

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We don’t know about you, but we are ready to brush off the dark, warm, cosiness of winter and embrace a lighter, airier feel. Let’s banish the heavy fabrics and moody hues and welcome in some light.

Summer always makes me think of the ocean. While you might not be lucky enough to live by the coast, you can absolutely bring an element of this into your home by embracing some Bohemian Beach Style.

@decouvrirdesign @decouvrirdesign

We're talking about introducing very natural materials and beautiful coastal colours. Lovely muted shades, sandy neutrals combined with indigos to really give your room the spirit of summer.

Natural fibres will help you to get in the swing of things. We're looking at you rattan, sea grass and sisal! This can come in the form of flooring - we love a sisal rug, or even accessories such as a lamp shade or foot stool.

@decouvrirdesign @decouvrirdesign

Your home will be feeling like a relaxing, gorgeous Bali beach hut in no time. Is that the Beach Boys we hear in the background? Come at me summer, we're ready for you!

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