February 02, 2017

The Foolproof Way to Spruce Up a Boy’s Bedroom

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If you’re a lover of beautiful design, pristine furnishings, and organised spaces, parenthood can be a pretty brutal reality check. Homewings founder (and mother of two adorable little rascals) Cornelia describes the perennial struggle perfectly: “Before we renovated, my boys’ room perpetually looked like it was hit by a tornado”. We feel you, Cornelia

Finding the balance between boy-proof practicality and design can be tough. So, we thought we’d help out all those parents out there looking to strategically redecorate their little man’s room - without breaking the bank.

1 | Pick a Theme

No matter their age, and no matter their interests - be it fire trucks, astronauts, tech, or Metallica – never underestimate the power of an overarching theme! This stylistic cohesion will likely come in the form of furniture, accessories, lighting, and - most importantly - decked out walls.

A good paint job can really support the theme of the room and bring the whole space together, making it that much more special. Think; a red half-wall strip if you are going for the firetruck-theme, or a chalk-paint wall to unleash their creativity. If your son is riding the teenage wave, the ‘theme’ can simply be a colour palette that he can tolerate. Regardless of his age, make sure you’re consulting him on the overall feel of the room – even if all you get is just a grunt of acknowledgment.

2 | Invest in Sturdy Furniture

Some boys (both young and not-so-young) can have a tendency to be slightly - how should we put it - destructive. They’re creative, curious, and usually have zero regard for personal safety, or fragility. Sturdy furniture is a must-have for boys’ rooms, not only for safety reasons, but for practicality – the sturdier the furniture, the less you’ll have to replace it over the years.

Top tip: bolt any tall and heavy furniture to the walls – it’s better to be safe than sorry!

3 | Smart Storage (to keep them mildly organised)

Tidying up is nowhere near as fun as making a mess. Amongst the most important components of a boy-proof room, is a simple way of keep everything organised. Luckily, there are lots of fun pieces that can keep things in order, while also looking good. Storage benches are a great addition - they’ll provide both a place to sit and a place to store random knick-knacks, as well being very practical with their throw-it-all-in-there quality. Adding a bookshelf with baskets for toys and other random items will also help your kiddo learn how to keep things in order! Another tip is to leverage their colourful books. Children’s books are often adorned with playful covers – add some thin shelving to prop them on to add a practical, yet decorative touch.

5 | Light it up!

Like paint and colour, lighting can drastically affect the feel of any room - there are tons of cool craft ideas online for decorating lampshades, adding accessories onto hanging lights, making night light mosaics together, or adding glow in the dark solar systems to the ceiling. Whatever the theme, there is likely a way to design the lighting in his room around it. Just remember, you want to stay practical and sturdy, as the likelihood of a lamp-breaking by accident is probably higher in your boy’s room than anywhere else in the house. For this reason, we suggest leaning towards hanging lights. Cornelia opted for some fire-truck red lights in her boys’ rooms.

6 | Wall Decor

If your son is that Tech-genius, or Metallica fan we talked about earlier, wall decorations are right up their street! Think posters of their favourite bands, or even a portable projector they can connect their electronics to, to create their own 21st-century mural.

If he’s just a toddler, go back to the theme - you can get creative with some artwork, posters, wall decals, or whatever else you can find that would add a splash of whimsy. Alternatively, create a gallery-wall of fun, by framing some of their masterpieces. This gives the room a personal touch, and he will feel even more comfortable in the space. If there isn’t a ton of wall space – do not fret! Focus on making the curtains and curtain rods cohesive with the theme instead.

Bonus Tip: Buy for the Future

As I’m sure you’re already well aware, your little boy is growing up fast. This means he will also be growing out of things relatively quickly, whether it’s clothes, hobbies, or furniture. So, it’s important to keep his décor as modular as possible, with furniture that can easily be painted over, for instance. Luckily, many themes can be easily be switched around with a new bed sheet, or wall décor so, as long as the staple furniture / wall paint is sustainable in the long term, you should be all set!

Decorating your son’s room can be a blast - not just because you get to spend some quality time, but because you get to unleash your own inner-child! If you’re looking to create a time-proof, boy-proof and economical bedroom, start your Homewings project today!

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