November 20, 2016

6 Tips On How To Create The Ultimate Holiday Home!

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Christmas holiday home Image by decoist

With all the noise on the high street during the Holidays, it can be hard to stay true to your own style when bringing some extra sparkle into your home. This Holiday season we’ve asked stellar Homewings designer Natasha for some advice on how to create a truly unique, elegant and personalised Holiday ambiance.

1. Light, Camera’s, ActionLighting is absolutely key in creating the perfect Holiday ambience. The warmth of the light is so important in your home, so steer well away from those harsh ceiling spotlights and opt for lovely warm lamp light. Material also plays to the effect of your lighting so choose warm brass, wood or deep colours for you lamp base and then co-ordinate the lampshade with the scheme of your room. I love these Trafalgar table lamps!

13 @Pooky

2. Lifesavers for when the family comes overDoes anyone else get that sinking feeling when you have all the family coming round and think “Where are they going to sit?” I was so excited to find these clever foldaway chairs at Case that are beautifully made so your guests won’t feel like they are on the camping chairs! Genius!

@Case @Case

3. Flowers say I careFlowers are hands down the best way to brighten up a home throughout the festive period and beyond. Over the winter months, experiment with added branches, leaves and berries. My favourite pick is Bloomon who deliver flowers weekly or monthly and which are never the same so you always have a fresh, beautiful bouquet that is just right for the season.

@Bloomon @Bloomon

4. Vintage treasure huntSometimes the pressures of getting your home looking fabulous for the Holidays leads to one-stop-shopping where everything ends up coming from Ikea! Why not add more personalised elements and try an e-tailer like Vinterior (whom I’ve been crushing on lately). They sell antiques and vintage furniture, which add such warm character to your home.

@Vinterior @Vinterior

5. The best present is to be truly presentIt’s very important to stay present during the holiday season and give your undivided attention to the people who matter most. I’m mesmerized by the revolutionary new Vinaya ring - a bluetooth enabled ring that allows you to stay connected, not distracted, by subtly keeping you alerted for the most important things while you keep your phone out of sight. What better way to stay connected to the important things, while being relaxed and fully attentive at work, with family and friends… WOW!

@Vinaya @Vinaya

6. Patch.gardenFinally the star of the show… your Christmas tree! I don’t have to explain why this is so important! The main tips I have for the perfect tree are 1. Positioning- think about where your eye falls as you walk into the room, make your Christmas tree the focal point. 2. Pick your decorations carefully- to have a well put together, thoughtful tree, really think about the theme of your decorations and pick and place them carefully 3. Colour co-ordination is really important so make sure your tree decorations fits in with the room- if your living room consists of blues and greys don’t go for bright red decorations and instead stick to soft silvers, glass and white! Ask these guys about a great Christmas tree!


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