December 24, 2016

6 Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Bathroom

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Getting tired of the way your bathroom looks but too busy for a full-on remodel? It might be time for a little spruce up. Bathrooms have a funny way of going out of style a bit quicker than the rest of the house, but we at Homewings have a few handy tips to help keep your bathroom looking stylish!

1 | Update your fixtures

If your house was built sometime in the 20th Century, chances are the faucet and light fixtures could use replacing. You’ll be surprised how much a new sconce and a fresh looking sink set will improve the overall feel of your bathroom! Luckily, these features can be replaced fairly easily (unlike tiling or paint) if you get tired of them or they go out of style.

2 | Evaluate your walls

For some, the wall colour of the bathroom is fine the way it is - it’s only the fixtures and furnishings that need updating. For others, the paint or wallpaper simply will not suffice; if this is you, we recommend deciding on a colour scheme and looking into some creative options, such as half-painted walls, funky and stylish wall decals, or a combination of paint and tiling (depending on how much you want to work / spend!).

3 | Colour coordinate

Figuring out a good colour palate for your bathroom is essential - whether you decide to go bright and bold or muted and pastel, colour coordinating your bathroom is the best way to tie the look together. Hint: this doesn’t necessarily involve repainting or re-tiling! If you want to work with the wall colour you have, just decide on two or three complementary colours (such as light blues and browns to go with white walls) for the shower curtain, rug, artwork, and / or towels.

4 | Storage

In many cases, the bathroom can quickly become the messiest and most cluttered room in the house. There are so many small toiletries, hair accessories, shower items, that get strewn about and don’t have their proper place. This is a quick fix! Add some storage (whether it’s shelves, a small set of drawers next to the sink, or simply a makeup organiser for the countertop. Not only will these pieces add to the style of the room, they’ll help you keep it clutter-free!

5 | Artwork

Though there likely isn’t a whole lot of wall space in your bathroom, there’s bound to be room for at least one cool piece of artwork, whether it’s a funky print, a beautiful painting (nothing too pricey though - the condensation from the shower could potentially ruin it), or your kid’s framed drawing. Truly don’t have enough space for some wall art? Get artsy with the mirror over the sink! There is a myriad of cool mirror designs out there on the web - see for yourself.

6 Image: Desire to Inspire/ Curbed LA

6 | Greenery

Although the bathroom might not be great habitat for fancy paintings, it is a perfect environment for a plant! Some greenery alwaysties together the look of any room, even the bathroom. Taking the size of your room into consideration, decide whether you can squeeze a floor into a corner or if you should go for a small potted plant on the sink top or windowsill.

These are just some basic ideas to get you started on your bathroom redecoration! For some more in-depth design ideas, or to take a style quiz to determine your personal ‘look’, check out the Homewings home page.

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