March 20, 2018

5 Ways to bring Spring into the Home

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Winter’s ice and snow may have extended their stay this year, but it doesn't change the fact that Spring is a time of change, new beginnings (and Spring cleans, of course!). What better time than now to give your interior the refresh it’s been pining for. Wave goodbye to the winter blues, and beckon spring into your home with these 5 simple steps.

living-room-interior-design-spring-how-to-diy-spruceup Source: Tessa Neustadt Photography

Let’s start big…

1 | Change out the Upholstery

Step 1, trade in your heavy, wintery soft furnishings (we’re talking rugs, duvets, sofa covers etc.) for lighter and colourful fabrics. The plus side of this little interior hack is that you get big change for a small amount of effort (and money). The simple act of switching up your couch cushions, or living room rug will completely change the feel of a room - quite literally bringing spring into your home!

living-room-interior-design-spring-how-to-diy-spruceup Source: With Love from Kat; Style by Emily Henderson

2 | Paint Power

We’re big promoters of the power of paint. This is mostly because it is hands-down the most transformative, and versatile tool. Because white walls are great at keeping a room fresh, consider painting your home’s appendages and trimmings instead. Think a bright blue door frame, or bright windowsill. These will work together with your white walls to liven up the space instantly.

living-room-interior-design-spring-how-to-diy-spruceup Source: Elle Interior; A Design Story

And now for some simple additions...

3 | Trip to the Tropics

This spring, it’s all about the tropical touch. But you don't need a green thumb to indulge in this Spring trend, because it's all about the tropical prints. These work wonders on living room cushions, and bedding. Alternatively, create a statement print by framing a large strip of tropical wallpaper.

living-room-interior-design-spring-how-to-diy-spruceup Source: Handy Little Me; Apartment Therapy; H&M

And, speaking of nature hacks…

4 | Flower Power

While potted plants and hanging gardens might fit well in certain rooms, they often take a lot of work to keep…well, alive. If you are looking for that spring-feeling and natural look, but just can’t be bothered, consider adding a vase of flowers to every room. If you have a garden or live near some wilderness, you can easily pick some nice blooms that will undoubtedly bring the feeling of spring into your home - otherwise, head to the store and buy a couple of inexpensive bouquets (real, or fake) then split them up into smaller groups and dole them out according to each room.

living-room-interior-design-spring-how-to-diy-spruceup Source: My Domaine; BL-iJ

5 | Freshen Up the Air

Though your spring clean might have gotten rid of the musty winter smells that tend to linger, adding a scented candle is a fantastic way to freshen up the vibe of your space. Smell is one of our most evocative senses, and the scent of a fruity, floral candle will get you far when brining your space into Spring. In terms of aesthetics, opt for scented candles in bright colours, or playful patterns that are as beautiful as they smell.

living-room-interior-design-spring-how-to-diy-spruceup Source: The Coveteur; Jo Malone

With the arrival of warmer weather and fresh colours, it would be a travesty to simply leave spring outside! If you want to spruce up your space, but have no idea where to start, our Homewings designers are here to make Spring-a-fying your home easy! To find out more, why not enquire now to see what we can do for you.

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