October 03, 2017

5 Tips For Moving in With your Partner

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Moving in together is an exciting milestone in any relationship, bringing with it that feeling of togetherness that makes day-to-day life just a little bit more magical. But here’s the catch: moving in together is far more romantic in theory than it is in practice. At Homewings, we have decorated hundreds or lovebird pads, and have become experts at merging interior styles to create the perfect home. However, the journey to convivial nirvana is paved with its own breed of obstacles.

Whose couch do we keep? Do you really need to keep 27 different versions of FIFA, and 3 consoles? You want to paint the walls purple?! We caught up with our friends at LOVESPACE - the ultimate storage experts - to face the challenges of moving in together head on and provide you with some expert tips to make moving in with your partner as efficient (and painless) as possible.

Avoid mementoes of the ex

If you are starting a new chapter with your partner, perhaps it is time to take the plunge and get rid of that stuff (we know you know what we’re talking about). Although nothing kills the romance like accidentally unpacking a framed photo of you and your ex, it’s okay to want to remember important parts of our lives, but perhaps store them, instead of keeping them in your convivial pad.“Some people aren’t quite ready to let go of the past”, says Francisco, Commercial Director at Lovespace. “Over the years, we have had customers use our service to store all sorts of mementoes”.

Set the tidiness rules

Opposites attract, so it is perfectly normal to have different definitions of the word ‘tidy’. Everyone has their own acceptable level of tidiness, and we often forget to discuss the boundaries before moving in together. “Our survey found that a third of UK households admit to arguing about clutter at least once a week” says Gracie, Brand Marketing Manager at Lovespace.

We suggest bringing in some third-party advice. Do a quick Google to see how real life functioning adults organise their spaces, and use one of the organisation methods you find to hash out your tidiness rules of engagement. This way, you are both adhering to tidiness rules that you have agreed on, without forcing one person’s standards on the other.

If you are tight on space, and the word ‘clutter’ strikes fear in your heart, take a look at our designers’ top smart storage picks.

Make sure there is enough wardrobe space

Moving in with a partner and sharing a room often entails a shared wardrobe. This may mean compromising, and downsizing your plain black jumper collection from 10 to 3. We know it’s hard, but we promise it won’t hurt as much as you think.

“We found that a staggering 66% of people in the UK admit to wearing less than 50% of their wardrobe” says Gracie. “The keep, bin, donate and store piles could save you a lot of headaches down the line – especially when it comes to clothes.”

Decluttering your closet can seem like a monumental task, so take a look at our step-by-step decluttering guide hereand take advantage of services like Lovespace.

For all you gentlemen out there, have a read through our closet organisation tips to win yourself some major brownie points.

Reduce the duplicates: Keep, donate, toss, store

Gracie tells us that “more than 95% of people in the UK admit to having stuff they don’t use anymore but can’t bring themselves to throw away. This leads to people having far more stuff in their homes than they need, meaning they have less room to live.” At Homewings we have witnessed this first hard, with clients asking us to find ways to re-design entire rooms simply to accommodate more storage.

With super simple storage options like Lovespace, binning is no longer the only option.

Moving in with a partner is the perfect time to re-evaluate the day-to-day need for all your ‘stuff’ and sort it into those famous 4 piles; Keep, bin, store, donate.

Organise your move day

Start as you mean to go on. You want good memories from the start in your new home, not arguments and problems with who oversees what. Believe it or not, moving day can actually be an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Martin, a driver for Lovespace has witnessed these momentous occasions first hand; “We have helped hundreds of couples on their big move day and it really can be a smooth ride and enjoyable day for those that have been organised and booked our service.”

So there you have it: proof that moving in with your partner can be easy and stress-free. If you are moving home soon, LOVESPACE offer free collection and storage of your stuff for as long as you need, delivering it back to you whenever and wherever you want, as soon as the next working day. Find out more here.

Once you do move in, enquire to chat with a member of the Homewings team, about how we can make sure your new pad is decorated to perfection to fit both of your interior styles.

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