October 23, 2016

5 tips for the perfect baby nursery


Is the stork coming your way with a special delivery? It's so important to get your baby space right, just in time to accommodate the arrival! We are here to help you with a spark of inspiration to get the nursery preparation under way.

Nursery interior design

1. Control your light

Black out blinds are going to be a lifesaver for creating a night atmosphere at any time of day. Its so important with ever changing sleeping habits to create dark and calm conditions whenever your baby needs some sleep. You can find all sorts of colours and patterns for the blinds online, so they can be beautiful and practical. Coordinate them with curtains for a harmonious scheme.

Baby nursery interior design Image @ Alix designs

2. A comfy chair

This one's for you! Create your own corner in the nursery as you will need a cosy spot to sit while you nurse or rest as you watch your baby. This will help make the nursery feel like a place for you and your baby. Pick your chair carefully and make sure to sit in it before you buy as you need to find the perfect height and width for your comfort.

baby nursery interior design chair Image @ Apartment therapy

3. Storage

It would be a good idea to sort out the storage situation before your baby arrives. Do your research on the best brands for different things and then try to order these (eg nappies, wipes and baby grows) so that you have a sense of how much space you will require. You will then be ready for the baby to come, and have all the supplies needed to bring your baby into the house calmly and smoothly, with your storage neatly thought out.

4 Image @ Gray geo nursery

4. A picture speaks a thousand words

To show off those first special moments and capture the journey of your child as they grow, collect photo frames. This way you can decide where to place them around the nursery, ready to be filled with footprints, the first haircut or sweet sayings. Have them prepared before the baby is due, to remind yourself to frame these moments and make it easier once you're busy with the little one.

5 Image @ Not on the high street

5. Stay the night

Before the baby arrives, spend the night in the room to test for any "quirks" such as strange noises or temperature changes. If there are any, you can get them sorted out before the due date, to ensure your baby has peaceful nights. It's also such a fun thing to do and will bring you closer to the feeling of the much anticipated and excited arrival.

6 Image @ Snapvite

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