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5 Steps to your Dream Kitchen, on a Budget.

Ah, kitchens – the proverbial heart of the home. With open-plan living becoming the new normal, we spend the majority of our time living in them, or looking at them. And yet, kitchens often get no love. Renovating a kitchen is hands down one of the most daunting, pricey and time consuming experiences. But, no more. Welcome to the instant-satisfaction guide to sprucing up your kitchen on a budget.

kitchen-interior-design-inspiration-diy-home-renovation-cheap-ao Source: Amara via Lux Pad

The overall lesson here, friends: Break. All. The. Rules. Kitchens - much like bathrooms, and gardens - are associated with a specific item list, and set of style rules. Think of all the things you would never put in a kitchen (carpets, mirrors, couches) and do it anyway!

1 | Goodbye Hideous Tiling…

Hate your floors? Laying a colourful rug on your kitchen floor will transform the space instantly. Whether you want to give it a mediterranean flare with a bright pop of colour, or a warm Scandi feel with a grey and white geometric print - A beautiful little carpet is all you need.

kitchen-interior-design-inspiration-diy-home-renovation-cheap-ao Source: Stuffdot; Red Magazine; Refinery29

“Rememeber that kitchens are messy, so make sure to choose a thin, small to medium sized rug” says Homewings designer Natasha, “that way, you can pop it in the washing machine whenever you need!”.

2 | Art Attack

Also in violation of the cardinal rules of what 'goes': Art. We don't mean small framed photos, or cork boards - those are kitchen staples. We're talking, large, bold, geometric prints or super sized vintage posters. Homewings Founder Cornelia De Ruiter found an innovative way to go for a personal touch, "I unleashed my kids onto two gigantic canvases. I chose the 3 colours I wanted them to use, so I could control the colour palette, but that's about it! The result was a pair of - let's call them 'abstract' - paintings that cost nothing, and brought both my kinds and me so much joy!"

kitchen-interior-design-inspiration-diy-home-renovation-cheap-ao Source:; The Design Files

Adding art will not only bring a pop of colour into the space, it will drag the eye away from any areas of the kitchen you don’t like.

3 | Kick back your Backsplash

Affordable, visually beautiful, and a breeze to install - no, not backsplash tiles, adhesive tiles! Adhesive tile covers are a seriously underrated piece of interior genius. These little stick-on gems can not only transform a space visually, but add value to your home without the hassle (or the price tag).

kitchen-interior-design-inspiration-diy-home-renovation-cheap-ao Source: House Beautiful; Decozilla; The Room Edit

If you’re a classic romantic, or a clean-cut contemporary, you might want to opt for a crisp, white tiling effect. It goes with absolutely everything, and will stay in style no matter how much your kitchen design evolves over time. If you’re a little more daring, consider adding a Mediterranean flare with some mismatched geometric tiles, or bright colours.

4 | Appreciate your Appliances

Your appliances are often the only elements of the kitchen that need to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, so never underestimate the power of a beautiful piece of design, even if it is 'just your coffee machine'. Think: Bright pops of colour that will match the overall scheme of your Kitchen, or go for the coordinated look to give a clean, organised look. A good appliance can last forever, so make sure to chose either a bold statement piece, or a neutral (chrome, white, black).

kitchen-interior-design-inspiration-diy-home-renovation-cheap-ao Source: House to Home; DeVOL

If you're looking for a 1-stop-shop for all things appliances, pop over to (we've got our eye on the firetruck-red Nespresso machine).

5 | Nature Shelves

It seems normal that nature and kitchens would go hand in hand, but many of us struggle to bring the outside in. Especially in the kitchen.

kitchen-interior-design-inspiration-diy-home-renovation-cheap-ao Source: The Travel Taster; Red Magazine

The solution: Don't shop for Kitchen furniture. Opt for a thin ladder shelf that would usually be found in a living room, or kids room. It will fit absolutely anywhere, and gives maximum effect, with minimal effort! Alternatively, make a real statement with a hanging garden. Sounds hard, right? We promise, it's not. Just fill a hanging unit with cook books and greenery, and tada!

kitchen-interior-design-inspiration-diy-home-renovation-cheap-ao Source: Rostokin; Garden Picks & Tips; Purple ID

Whether you want to make the most out of the kitchen you have, or go full-transformation, our Homewings designers are here to help. Click here to start today, or book a FREE design consultation to learn more about what we can do for you.


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