July 23, 2016

3 Gorgeous Scandinavian Style Monochrome Prints

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Whilst space planning and furniture placement is so important in interior design, accessories are the icing on the cake in any room. Often it’s the accessories which will really help to pull a look together making it cohesive and homely.

Let’s take a closer look at some Scandinavian prints. Of course we are all aware of the powerhouse that is Marimekko for Scandinavian print design. Such beautiful colours and bold prints. We thought you might like to know about three beautiful Scandinavian prints you might not have heard of.

1. Gran fabric - Fine Little Day

@finelittleday @finelittleday

This Swedish based company has a great range of fabrics and prints which will look great in a living room or bedroom. The little tree print is a particular favourite here with the team at Homewings! It comes in a bedding set too if you’re keen to update your bedsheets!

2. Cross - Pia Wallen

@piawallen @piawallen

This print is an absolute design classic. Again it’s by another Swedish designer, Pia Wallen. The black and white print is so striking and will make a fabulous statement in your home. It also now comes in camel and navy colour ways.

3. Half moon - Ferm Living

@fermliving @fermliving

Ferm living are a great source of Scandinavian style even if you aren’t in the market for prints - we would recommend taking a look at their great furniture and accessory selection while you're at it!

This half moon version is a really sweet print and looks great in a nursery or children’s bedroom. It’s a nice option if you want to avoid the typical pastels usually found in these rooms. The half moon print also comes in a lovely shower curtain if you want to add a bit of fun Scandinavian style to your bathroom!

@fermliving @fermliving

You can add these textiles and prints to your home in a number of ways - curtains, cushions and soft furnishings even wallpaper. Fabrics can also be beautiful pieces of art when framed and hung on a wall.

Inspired by the Scandi style? Work with one of our Homewings designers to find out how some of these prints can be incorporated into your next design project!

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