April 20, 2018

A 22% Increase in Price on Airbnb for this East London Loft

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At £95/night, this East London property was not living up to its potential. The owner, living in LA, approached Homewings with a brief and mission to increase the occupancy and its nightly rate. The design team rose to the challenge on a budget of £6,500 to customise the Modern Furniture Package to enhance the natural selling points of the loft and include some of the items already there.

Budget: £6,500 Furniture Package: CORE + DECOR

The results? Over the period June 2017 - September 2017 the flat was let for 18% more nights than in 2016 for the same period and at 22% higher price point - from £95/night to £116/nights.

Due to short let restrictions in London, the apartment is also let on a medium term let through the winter months to corporate clients.

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