December 18, 2016

2017 Bathroom Trend Alert With Cornelia De Ruiter


1 Image: Homewings Founder Cornelia De Ruiter

As bathrooms evolve into a comfortable and interesting oasis within the home, we sat down with Homewings designer extraordinaire, Cornelia de Ruiter, to get the scoop on the 2017 trends that will allow character and style permission to enter this utilitarian space, and transform it into your own little sanctuary. Here's her top tips:

1. Add seating

"Some people would raise their eyebrows, but adding seating in your bathroom is a great idea. It’s actually practical (particularly for anyone getting dressed in the bathroom), but it also softens the room immediately. In small spaces, an upholstered bench or stool is enough to make an impact, but if you can, try an armchair or even a small love seat in a statement colour or beautiful print."

2. Hang art

"Who says you can’t hang art in the bathroom? In fact, most bathrooms have bare walls that are just begging for some company. Don’t hang your Picasso in a steamy bathroom, but framed prints or photos behind glass will be absolutely fine (trywww.artfinder.com for some great affordable prints). Adding even a little bit of wall art can bring cheerfulness and warmth to even the most functional space. And in a rental it can help set the style tone when the landlord's tile choice does not."

3. Add flowers or plants

"Plants and flowers will immediately add that spa-feeling to your bathroom, making the space feel more comforting and relaxing. Even only one plant or flower in a stylish pot and on cleverly chosen location can make all the difference in a minimalist and functional space like the bathroom. Plenty of plants can thrive in a bathroom. Choose a low-light plant that needs plenty of humidity. Low-lying, tropical varieties are best. Spider plants, philodendrons and even bamboo are perfect for the bathroom environment."

4. Add a statement floor

"Adding a statement floor can turn even the dullest space into a sumptuous sanctuary - no matter the size! And the best thing, these days you can find amazing tiles at even better prices. Encaustic tiles with geometric prints are great and can work with many different looks, from industrial to mediterranean to traditional. But I also love working with some of the latest ranges of wood-effect porcelain tiles - The appeal of reclaimed floorboards with the practical advantages of a tiles. What’s not to love."

5. Use unexpected furniture

"The trick here is to combine function with look: you want something that still works for your toiletries, but that doesn’t necessarily look like it would usually belong in the bathroom. How about an old writing desk? It can easily transform into a beautiful vanity. And what about a vintage spice rack on the wall for your bottles of perfume? Perfect! Also, don’t be afraid of replacing those boring bathmats with a nice little rug."

Now you know it all, so there is only one thing left to do; either spend a small fortune on a spa weekend which lasts a grand total of 48 hours ooooor, start your bathroom transformation today, and feel fancifully pampered every single day!

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