The service in a nutshell

What is Homewings?

Homewings is an online marketplace that brings together clients looking to (re)decorate a space, with professional interior designers. The result? Beautiful design in a fun, flexible and affordable manner.

Why should I use Homewings?

Because you want your home, office, reception or shop to represent you and your specific needs - but are either too busy to design the space, don’t know where to find or incorporate the furnishings and accessories you like, or simply don’t think interior design is your thing. Our designers can help you by taking control of the entire process, from colour choices to furniture suggestions, or lend a guiding hand as your DIY design mentor. Whatever your need is, we’ll make sure to help the best we can!

How is Homewings different from traditional interior design services?

  • Great designers at the best price: Work with any of our carefully selected and vetted designers for £299 per room.

  • Any budget, any style: From small budgets to big budgets, we do room make-overs and have a designer to match any style and requirement.

  • Decorating made easy: Our convenient online platform makes transforming your space as easy as can be. You can collaborate with your designer from anywhere, at any time.

  • Happiness guaranteed: We always go the extra mile. If you’re not delighted with your room design, let us know and we will make it right.

How do I communicate with my designer throughout the design process?

With our online design packages the entire design process is online and you can easily interact with your designer as often as you want through the online collaboration board and the built-in chat function. You will receive an email notification when new messages from your designer are sent. Of course you'll also get a chance to speak with your designer and even virtually show them around your home as your designer will always offer a (video) call to kick off of your project. Or if you wish you could book a home visit (Greater London only) at a small additional charge.

Can I use Homewings if I don’t live in London?

Yes, the Homewings service is available to anyone in the UK - But even if you have a project abroad, we are often able to help. Contact us at support@homewings.co.uk to discuss.

How does the designer know what my room looks like?

A part of describing your project includes uploading floorplans, photos or a video of what your space currently looks like as well as approximate dimensions of your room. On top of that, your designer will suggest a (video) call with you at the start of your project during which you can describe your space in more detail or even give your designer a virtual tour.

How long will a typical project take?

A Premium single room project takes up to 2 weeks from launch to the final design. If you're doing a multi-room project, you'll have 3 additional days per room during the design time of your Premium project. These timelines, of course, do not include the time it takes to get your furniture delivered, which usually takes between 4-6 weeks. Need more design time? Contact us and we'll extend your timeline.

What kind of items do you source?

Our designers' single goal is to design and work with what’s best for your style and budget. That is why we source your items from a mix of well known retailers, unique trade-only vendors and wholesale sources that we have direct relationships with. So we go from the high street to high-end, from vintage to bespoke, giving you a design and shopping list that is entirely tailored to you. They can suggest art for your walls, accessories for your shelves or flooring and paints, you name it.

Is there a minimum spend on furniture that I must commit to?

While we do not generally work with minimum expenditure, we feel our service is best served if your budget is £1,500 or more; whether you want to spend £1,500 or £20,000 on a room, our designers will work within your budget to create a space that you love.

Our designers

What kind of designers work for Homewings?

Homewings designers are carefully selected among the most promising design talents as well as experienced super stars. When a designer applies, we always evaluate and select based on a combination of the designer's previous design work, experience, education and professional certifications.

Can I choose my own designer?

If you have a specific designer request tell us and we’ll try to make it happen. Otherwise leave it up to us to find your perfect match. We’ve already spent a lot of time getting to know each designer’s style and skills to secure you get the best designer based on your specific requirements.

How do I get the most out of my collaboration with my designer?

Here are some top tips on how to get the most out of your collaboration with your designer:

1 Give open and honest feedback Our designers are amazing, but they aren’t mind readers! When you like, or dislike something, make sure to explain why, or which specific aspects you like or dislike.

2 Engage In these first couple of days, you and your designer will brainstorm and agree on the design direction. If you are not 100% on board with the final design concept, just say it! Otherwise you would end up with a design that may not be what you were looking for - yikes!

3 Be mindful of the timeline. As you know, Homewings projects have a defined timeline, make sure to give your designer timely input and feedback to avoid running out of time! Try to log in to your board once a day, or when your designer has posted something new.

Our packages and other bespoke services

What can a Homewings design cover?

In the design brief we ask you to indicate what you would like to address in your design. Your Homewings designer can not only suggest specific furniture and design the lay-out, but also advise on wall finishes, flooring, window treatments, lighting, fixtures and soft furnishings and other accessories.

Do you design kitchens or bathrooms?

While we can advise on a general style, Homewings is the new way to furnish your property, so our services do not include shopping for flooring, paint, kitchens or bathrooms. This means that if you end up going for a fitted kitchen (made to measure), you will need to get an approved contractor to take measurements, draw out all the exact plans and specifications and make the items (service often included with most fitted kitchen ranges). Also, note that Homewings cannot advise on any structural changes like moving the plumbing or location of drains etc. You will have to get an approved plumber, builder or architect to advise you on such structural changes.

I am not sure any of the off-the-shelf design packages perfectly fit my needs. Does Homewings also offer other, bespoke design services?

Homewings offers various other/add-on services such as site visits by designers, furniture storage and installation, electrical and lighting schemes, styling and/or photography, detailed surveys and floor plan generation, bespoke furniture design etc. Simply contact us at support@homewings.co.uk to discuss further.

Do I need a site visit?

No, with our design process you do not need an actual site visit. Homewings designers specialise in and are specifically trained to understand a space based on photos and a floorplan. In addition, you could film a little video walk-through on your phone and send that to your designer. Also, your designer will always offer a (complimentary) call/video call to discuss your project together and that way you could also give your designer a ‘virtual’ tour.

I want to redesign the internal lay-out of my property. Can you help?

Interior designers are not architects or structural engineers, so while you can use us as a sounding board to discuss potential ideas to change to the internal lay-out of your home, we cannot advise you on any major structural changes.

Can the designer suggest a custom made item in my design?

Yes, your designer can suggest custom made pieces such as built in furniture or made to measure curtains etc. Where a custom made piece is suggested the relevant return policy will be clearly stated. Where made to measure items or built in furniture is recommended, you will need to get an approved contractor to take final measurements and make the item.

Can you recommend tradesmen for my project?

We have a select list of approved tradesmen that we would be happy to recommend. Send us your enquiry to support@homewings.co.uk and we will assist you.

Let’s get started!

How do I get started?

You can start your project here: https://homewings.co.uk/interior-design-furniture-airbnb/. All you have to do is sign-up and provide information about your project. Once you’ve completed your brief, you’re ready to launch your project and we’ll have you matched up with your personal designer within a couple of business days - and then the fun begins!

What is the maximum room size (e.g. If I have an open-plan space)?

The maximum room size for Homewings design project is 45 square metres. On average, our designers create one to two room visualisations for each room to illustrate the final design from different angles, so you know exactly how to implement the look after purchasing.

We want to make sure you receive a thorough representation of the space, so if you have an open plan (i.e., living and dining) and/or your space exceeds 45 square metres, we recommend signing up for two rooms.

How do I get matched with a designer?

Based on your project brief and the result of your style quiz, we will match you with a designer who fits your requirements and is best suited for the task.

We invest a lot of time and effort into understanding our designers styles, skills and ways of working and we are experts at matching them to the right customer brief. If however you are a couple of days into your project and you are not sure if your designer is right for you - contact us and will find someone else.

What kind of budget should I expect to require on average to furnish my rooms?

We can’t guarantee a beautiful leather sofa for £500, but we can definitely make any space look fabulous within a limited budget. Generally speaking, a living room or dining room can be designed with a £4-6,000 budget assuming you need everything new, but we've done £1,000 rooms and £20,000 rooms. Expect to budget £3,000-5,000 for a bedroom and £1,000-3,000 for a home office. Kitchens or bathrooms can vary a lot, depending on whether you’re merely decorating or installing all the fittings or having anything custom made.

What happens once I’ve launched my (Full or Premium) design project - What is the typical process?

1 Get matched. Give us a couple of business days to match you with your perfect designer. They'll review your brief and schedule a kick off video call to discuss design concepts and colour schemes - the foundation of your final design.

2 From concept to final design. Your designer will source all the furniture and accessories you need to transform your space, as well as recommending a layout. You'll receive renders of your furniture in situ to help you finalise your shopping list.

3 Furniture shopping made easy. Now that you have your final design, layout and curated shopping list, you can purchase all your items through Homewings and have them delivered in one convenient delivery, straight to the right rooms.

Trouble shooting

I need more time! What do I do?

If you unexpectedly won't be able to give your designer input or feedback for a period due to circumstances, you can pause your project for a number of days. Similarly, if you need to request an extension of your Design Time, please send a message to support@homewings.co.uk. You can extend your design time by up to 5 days at a time for £99.

What if I don’t like my designer?

If you aren’t getting along, reach out as early as possible in your project so we can find you a new designer: support@homewings.co.uk. We can only rematch or refund you within the first 5 days of your design time.

The project is taking too long, so how to speed it up?

The design process includes many steps that often take longer than expected but talk to your designer about creating or changing specific time frames. Agreeing to connect at least daily on the online collaboration board is a good way to keep the project on track.

My designer isn’t responding to my calls/emails/texts/cries for help. What to do?

Please let us know immediately and we’ll take care of it: support@homewings.co.uk

Can I communicate with my designer after I receive my final design package, and can I ask for changes?

Any questions or comments you have about your final design can be left on your online collaboration board that will remain active. You will be able to communicate with your designer for up to 30 days after your final design is delivered. Our designers want you to have the best experience possible and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you love the design you receive, so if you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask them within this period. Can't get ahold of your designer or have questions after the 30 day period? Send us a message at support@homewings.co.uk and we'll help you out.

What does 100% Happiness Guarantee mean?

Design is very personal, and your happiness is our top priority. That is why we provide the Homewings Happiness Guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the progress of your project or you feel your designer isn’t the right one for you, you must contact us at support@homewings.co.uk within 5 days of accepting your invitation to your online collaboration board, so that we can address the problem, find you another designer or give you a full refund if you prefer.

Our shopping service

Why should I use your personal shopping service?

We know the pain of having to enter your personal, card and delivery details across tens of site so we’ve decided to give you a single shopping cart that allows you to buy from as many retailers as you like, all in one place.

Trying to coordinate furniture deliveries can be a chore - months of waiting, items going out of stock without you knowing, it’s just not fun. Your dedicated project manager is here to step in and manage all your orders and solve any problem you may encounter in the process, from finding alternative items to arranging delivery to suit your timeline.

And speaking of delivery, we consolidate all your items into one batch so they arrive together and get taken to the right room by our white glove delivery team. No more waiting at home for 15 separate deliveries with 12 hour delivery windows!

How does it work?

1 Shop the furniture you love from your board. Select the items you want from your curated shopping list and request a quote for your order.

2 We’ll order and make it easy to track. Pay by card, bank transfer or monthly financing and your project manager will place your orders and send your shipping and delivery tracking information.

3 Receive your items in one go and set up like a pro. Our service allows you to receive your whole order in one consolidated delivery, and with the easy set-up instructions from your designer, you’ll have your space ready in no time!

Does my delivery have to be in one go?

To reduce delivery fees on your order, we generally recommend you to choose all items to be delivered in one go. However, if you do need some items sooner, we will be happy to quote for the cost of multiple deliveries.

Delivery times and fees

Your items will be delivered, either through our consolidated or multi-dispatch service and will be quoted depending on the total size of your order.

After placing your order, your project manager will be in touch to confirm an estimated delivery date and the method of delivery.

Please remember that it's your responsibility to check that the items will fit through doors and staircases in their packaging before you place your order.

To give yourself the best chance of delivery success, please see our helpful measuring guide.

Consolidated SMART deliveries Any products with a SMART label are available through our quick and convenient SMART delivery service. This allows you to have all your items delivered in one batch within an estimated time of 4-5 weeks after placing your order. Once all your items have been received at our warehouse, we will contact you with a proposed time slot. We’ll do our best to meet any special requests, but cannot guarantee timings. On the day of delivery, we’ll make sure we take the items to the right room, and our teams will wait for up to 30 minutes to allow you to evaluate your purchases. Should you not wish to purchase the items, you can return them with that carrier for no charge on the day of delivery. Should returns be requested at a later date, a charge will be levied (see returns charges at homewings.co.uk/terms).

Other services, such as hanging of prints and mirrors, interior styling, window treatments, such as curtains and blinds, and hanging pendant lighting, are not provided as standard.

If you have any questions about consolidated SMART delivery or require assistance with your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your dedicated project manager at support@homewings.co.uk.

Cancelling a consolidated SMART delivery To keep our service affordable, our carriers plan their delivery routes up to 72 hours in advance. For this reason, a charge will be liable should a delivery be cancelled within 5 days hours of delivery or not completed on the day. Please make sure you are able to attend your delivery before booking with us.

Cancellation charges - You will be charged 100% of the quoted delivery or installation fee.

Does Homewings have its own furniture collection?

Yes! We've just started and are extremely excited to bring you an increasing variety of pieces. To view our furniture in person, you can contact us at support@homewings.co.uk to find out more about our showroom locations.

How do I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer or credit/debit card.

Do you provide a warehousing and installation service?

We do! After your items have been consolidated, you will normally wish to take delivery as soon as possible. However, should you require us to hold the items for longer, we will store them for free for 30 days after your order has been placed. If storage for longer than this be required, a weekly charge of 1% of the retail price will be made.

How do I return items?

If you’re not happy with any of your items, please email support@homewings.co.uk with a description and photo of the item. The Homewings team will quote a return cost for your item and this will be calculated as part of your final refund amount.

The item has arrived damaged, but I still wish to keep it

Please send us a photo of the item and damage to support@homewings.co.uk. Ideally, this should also be flagged to our delivery partner during delivery. Our team will then review the damage, and if we feel the item arrived with damage, and this damage occurred prior to you taking ownership of the goods, we will offer a percentage refund. Alternatively, provided the damage was highlighted within 14 days, we can collect the item, and issue a full refund.

How will I be refunded?

This will happen once the item has been restocked in our warehouse and checked for signs of defects or damage. This might take within 7-10 working days and then we will refund you on your bank account within 10-15 working days.

Refunds should be visible 48 hours after our team confirms the refund via email.

The item has arrived but won’t fit into the room of my choice

If the item does not fit in the room of your choice, please ensure you refuse delivery and the carrier can take it away immediately. Alternatively please contact us within 14 days of delivery to organise a collection.

My order contains a bespoke or made-to-order item - am I eligible for a return?

Made to order items cannot be returned and a refund cannot be offered.This is because these pieces are made specially for you under your instruction and it is unlikely that we can sell them to another customer at full price, therefore the goods cannot be restocked. Wallpaper and cut by the meter fabric can also not be returned and can not be refunded, this is because these items are ordered upon your request and are classed as special order items. We are unable to return such items to our suppliers unless faulty.