The service in a nutshell

What is Homewings?

Homewings is an online marketplace that brings together clients looking to (re)decorate a space, with professional interior designers. The result? Beautiful design in a fun, flexible and affordable manner.

Why should I use Homewings?

Because you want your home, office, reception or shop to represent you and your specific needs - but are either too busy to design the space, don’t know where to find or incorporate the furnishings and accessories you like, or simply don’t think interior design is your thing. Our designers can help you by taking control of the entire process, from colour choices to furniture suggestions, or lend a guiding hand as your DIY design mentor. Whatever your need is, we’ll make sure to help the best we can!

How is Homewings different from traditional interior design services?

  • Great designers at the best price: Work with any of our carefully selected and vetted designers for the lowest flat fees per room.

    • Any budget, any style: From small budgets to big budgets, from a room refresh to full home make-overs, we have a designer to match any style and requirement.
    • Decorating made easy: Our convenient online platform and free personal shopping service make transforming your space as easy as can be. You can collaborate with your designer from anywhere, at any time.
    • Happiness guaranteed: We always go the extra mile. If you’re not delighted with your room design, let us know and we will make it right.

How do I communicate with my designer throughout the design process?

With our online design packages the entire design process is online and you can easily interact with your designer as often as you want through the online collaboration board and the built-in chat function. You will receive an email notification when new messages from your designer are sent. Of course you'll also get a chance to speak with your designer and even virtually show them around your home as your designer will always offer a (video) call to kick off of your project. Or if you wish you could book a home visit (Greater London only) at a small additional charge.

Can I use Homewings if I don’t live in London?

Yes, the Homewings service is available to anyone in the UK - But even if you have a project abroad, we are often able to help. Contact us at support@homewings.co.uk to discuss.

How does the designer know what my room looks like?

A part of describing your project includes uploading photos or a video of what your space currently looks like as well as approximate dimensions of your room. On top of that, your designer will suggest a (video) call with you at the start of your project during which you can describe your space in more detail or even give your designer a virtual tour.

How long will a typical project take?

A Classic or Premium single room project takes up to 2 weeks from launch to the final design (up to 5 days if you choose the Light package). If you're doing a multi-room project, you'll have 3 additional days per room during the design time of your Classic or Premium project.These timelines of course do not include the time it takes to get your furniture delivered. Need more design time? Contact us and we'll extend your timeline.

What kind of items do you source?

Our designers single goal is to design and work with what’s best for you and your budget. That is why we source your items from a mix of well known retailers, unique trade-only vendors and wholesale sources that we have direct relationships with. So we go from the high street to high-end, from vintage to bespoke, giving you a design and shopping list that is entirely tailored to you. They can suggest art for your walls, accessories for your shelves or flooring and paints, you name it.

Is there a minimum spend on furniture that I must commit to?

No, you can set your furniture/material budget for your room wherever you feel comfortable; whether you want to spend £500 or £20,000 on a room, our designers will work within your budget to create a space that you love.

How does your price match guarantee work?

If you find the same item for a lower price, please contact your shopping concierge on your collaboration board or email us at shopping@homewings.com. Include a link for the lower priced product and we’ll verify your price match request. If this price match is approved, we'll refund the difference back to you.

Our designers

What kind of designers work for Homewings?

Homewings designers are carefully selected among the most promising design talents as well as experienced super stars. When a designer applies, we always evaluate and select based on a combination of the designer's previous design work, experience, education and professional certifications.

What is the difference between Classic and Premium designers?

All our designers are highly talented and qualified professionals. They caught our eye with their designs, work ethic and talent. All our designers have at least 1 year experience but we also have plenty of designers who've been in the business for 10 years or more. Our Premium designers are those that consistently get raving customer reviews and have the longest/strongest track record with Homewings.

Can I choose my own designer?

If you have a specific designer request tell us and we’ll try to make it happen. Otherwise leave it up to us to find your perfect match. We’ve already spent a lot of time getting to know each designer’s style and skills to secure you get the best designer based on your specific requirements.

How do I get the most out of my collaboration with my designer?

Here are some tips on how to make sure you work effectively with your designer:

  • Give effective feedback - When you like or don't like something, always explain why or which specific aspects you like or don't like (designers aren't mind readers)
  • Engage, particularly in the concept phase - The first couple of days, where you and your designer will brainstorm and agree the concept for your design, are very important as this will be the foundation for the final design you'll receive.
  • Be mindful of the timeline - Homewings projects have a defined timeline as you know. So make sure to give your designer timely input and feedback, as he or she will otherwise be forced to move on. Try to log in at least once a day or when your designer has posted something new.

Our packages and other bespoke services

What’s the difference between your residential packages. Which should I choose?

Homewings offers different design packages all for one flat fee per room:

  • Light package (up to 5 days of design time): We recommend this package for clients who do not need help with space and layout, but are looking to pull their room together with the perfect accessories or a few key items to finalise the look. You'll kick off with a (video) call with your designer to agree the items you need and the overall look and colour scheme to go for. Your designer will then add your curated product recommendations to your online collaboration board and give you further style advice and expert tips. Of course you'll also have access to our hassle-free shopping service. Please note that the Light package does not include lay-out suggestions or space planning.
  • Classic package (up to 2 weeks of design time, with 1 revision of your final design and lay-out): Recommended when you are looking for someone to help you design your space with the right furniture, the best lay-out and any decor and other finishing touches that will give your room that professionally designed and cohesive look & feel. Your designer can start from a blank canvas or incorporate existing pieces into the space as well as give you recommendations for wall colours, window treatments, flooring and more. You'll get started with a (video) kick off call with your designer after which your designer will propose a style concept on your online collaboration board, summarising the look & feel and colour scheme the designer has in mind. Once you are happy with the style concept, your designer will start working on your design and source product recommendations. Your designer will upload your design visualisation and recommended lay-out. At this stage there is one final feedback round to make changes to your design and/or furniture lay-out. Your designer will then finalise your design accordingly and provide you with their expert set-up tips. With our free personal shopping service realising your design will be as easy as can be.
  • Premium package (up to 2 weeks of design time, with unlimited revisions of your design or lay-out during design time): With our Premium package you get the same complete interior design service as with our Classic pack, but your guaranteed to be working with our most experienced and highly rated designers only. The other reason why this is our best value package is that you are not limited to 1 single revision of your final design or lay-out as with the Classic package. So work with the best and know that you get to look at as many options as you need during your design time!

Does Homewings also offer design services for offices or other commercial spaces?

Yes, Homewings offers complete interior design services for offices or small commercial spaces like shops or salons. See https://homewings.co.uk/commercial

What can a Homewings design cover?

In the design brief we ask you to indicate what you would like to address in your design. Your Homewings designer can not only suggest specific furniture and design the lay-out, but also advise on wall finishes, flooring, window treatments, lighting, fixtures and soft furnishings and other accessories.

Do you design kitchens or bathrooms?

Yes, we can certainly help with that. We can help you choose a kitchen or pick your bathroom hardware , suggest finishings, details and flooring and advise you on the overall lay-out as well as any other decoration you may want to add. Do bear in mind that if you end up going for a fitted kitchen (made to measure) you will need to get an approved contractor to take final measurements, draw out all the exact measurements and specifications and make the items (service often included with most fitted kitchen ranges). Also, note that Homewings cannot advise on any structural changes like moving the plumbing or location of drains etc. You will have to get an approved plumber, builder or architect to advise you on such structural changes.

I am not sure any of the off-the-shelf design packages perfectly fit my needs. Does Homewings also offer other, bespoke design services?

Homewings offers various other/add-on services such as site visits by designers (Greater London only), furniture storage and installation, electrical and lighting schemes, styling and/or photography, detailed surveys and floor plan generation, bespoke furniture design etc. Simply contact us at support@homewings.co.uk to discuss and get a quote for your made to measure design package.

Do I need a site visit?

No, with our design process you do not need an actual site visit. Homewings designers specialise in and are specifically trained to understand a space based on photos and a floorplan. In addition, you could film a little video walk-through on your phone and send that to your designer. Also, your designer will always offer a (complimentary) call/video call to discuss your project together and that way you could also give your designer a ‘virtual’ tour.

I want to redesign the internal lay-out of my home. Can you help?

Interior designers are not architects or structural engineers, so while you can use us as a sounding board to discuss potential ideas to change to the internal lay-out of your home, we cannot advise you on any major structural changes.

Can you recommend tradesmen for my project?

We have a select list of approved tradesmen that we would be happy to recommend. Send us your enquiry to support@homewings.co.uk and we will assist you.

Can the designer suggest a custom made item in my design?

Yes, your designer can suggest custom made pieces such as built in furniture or made to measure curtains etc. Where a custom made piece is suggested the relevant return policy will be clearly stated. Where made to measure items or built in furniture is recommended, you will need to get an approved contractor to take final measurements and make the item.

Let’s get started!

How do I get started?

You can start your project right here. All you have to do is sign-up and provide information about your project. Once you’ve completed your brief you’re ready to launch your project and we’ll have you matched up with your personal designer within a couple of business days. And then the fun begins!

What is the maximum room size (e.g. If I have an open-plan space)?

The maximum room size for Homewings design project is 45 square metres. On average, our designers create one to two room visualisations for each room to illustrate the final design from different angles, so you know exactly how to implement the look after purchasing.

We want to make sure you receive a thorough representation of the space, so if you have a open-plan (i.e., living and dining) and/or your space exceeds 45 square metres, we recommend signing up for two rooms.

How do I get matched with a designer?

Based on your project brief and the result of your style quiz, we will match you with a designer who fits your requirements and is best suited for the task. We invest a lot of time and effort into understanding our designers styles, skills and ways of working and we are experts at matching them to the right customer brief. If however you are a couple of days into your project and you are not sure if your designer is right for you - contact us and will find someone else.

What kind of budget should I expect to require on average to furnish my rooms?

We can’t guarantee a beautiful leather sofa for £250, but we can definitely make any space look fabulous within a limited budget. Generally speaking, a living room or dining room can be designed with a £4-5000 budget assuming you need everything new, but we've done £1000 rooms and £20000 rooms. Expect to budget £2000-3000 for a bedroom and £1000-3000 for a home office. Kitchens or bathrooms can vary a lot, depending on whether you’re merely decorating or installing all the fittings or having anything custom made.

What happens once I’ve launched my (Classic or Premium) design project - What is the typical process?

The typical Classic/Premium design process runs over a period of up to 2 weeks for a single room (add 3 days of design time for each additional room):

  • Day 0: Get matched to your designer, who will review your brief, prepare your online design board and, once that's done, invite you to start collaborating together.
  • Day 1-3: First you and your designer will align on your brief and discuss the desired look & feel which your designer will suggest to do over a (video) call. You will agree the final style concept (essentially a moodboard) including colour scheme that will be the foundation for your final design.
  • Day 4-10: Design time! Now your designer will source the furniture and decor you need and recommend a lay-out. Your designer will upload your design visualisation and lay-out and you will get the chance to do one round of final feedback for any changes you'd like to make to the design (if you buy the Premium package your designer and you can iterate as many times as is needed while Design Time lasts).
  • Day 11-14: Your designer will take your comments on product and styling on board and create a final visualisation of your space and lay out. With your design you'll also receive expert set-up tips and a shopping list with a free personal shopping service to make it as easy as can be.

What happens once I’ve launched my LIght design project - What is the typical process?

The typical Light design process runs over a period of up to 5 days for a single room (add 1 day for each additional room) and is ideal if you just want to accessorise or add finishing touches to an existing furnished room OR you have a few specific items you need, big or small, but you don't have time or you don't know where to source them:

  • Day 0: Get matched to your designer, who will review your brief, prepare your online design board and, once that's done, invite you to start collaborating together.

  • Day 1: Have a (video) kick off call with your designer to discuss your requirements and align on your style preferences, colour scheme etc.

  • Day 2-5: Design time! Now your designer will source the furniture or decor you need. Your designer will also suggest various alternatives so that you have some options to choose from. You'll also receive expert set-up and styling tips and a free personal shopping service to save you time and make sure you get the best prices.

Trouble shooting

I need more time! What do I do?

If you unexpectedly won't be able to give your designer input or feedback for a period due to circumstances, you can pause your project for a number of days. Similarly, if you need to request an extension of your Design Time, please send a message to support@homewings.co.uk. We are happy to give you some additional time!

What if I don’t like my designer?

If you aren’t getting along, reach out as early as possible in your project so we can find you a new designer: support@homewings.co.uk

The project is taking too long, so how to speed it up?

The design process includes many steps that often take longer than expected but talk to your designer about creating or changing specific time frames. Agreeing to connect at least daily on the online collaboration board is a good way to keep the project on track.

My designer isn’t responding to my calls/emails/texts/cries for help. What to do?

Please let us know immediately and we’ll take care of it: support@homewings.co.uk

Can I communicate with my designer after I receive my final design package, and can I ask for changes?

Any questions or comments you have about your final design can be left on your online collaboration board that will remain active. You will be able to communicate with your designer for up to 30 days after your Final Design Package is delivered. Our designers want you to have the best experience possible and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you love the design you receive, so if you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask them within this period. Can't get ahold of your designer or have questions after the 30 day period? Send us a message at support@homewings.co.uk and we'll help you out.

What does 100% Happiness Guarantee mean?

Design is very personal, and your happiness is our top priority. That is why we provide the Homewings Happiness Guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the progress of your project or you feel your designer isn’t the right one for you, you must contact us at support@homewings.co.uk within 5 days of accepting your invitation to your online collaboration board, so that we can address the problem, find you another designer or give you a full refund if you prefer.

Our shopping service

Why should I use your personal shopping service?

Because entering in your payment card, shipping address, billing address, name, phone number, etc. on fifteen different websites is incredibly annoying. By using our shopping service you are partnered with our dedicated Homewings shopping team to expedite and manage orders as efficiently as possible.

How does it work?

It's super easy! Just submit your order, pay your invoice and receive your items.

Submit your order: Choose the items that you want to purchase from your final shopping list and provide your delivery details.

Pay your invoice: After selecting the items you want to purchase, you will receive a complete invoice. Your invoice can be paid online with a payment card or via bank transfer. Your invoice may include shipping and handling charges.

Receive your items: Once you have paid your invoice, our Shopping Team will place your order. You will receive a link to your tracker where you can see the status of each item as it ships.

Delivery times and fees

Since we order your items directly from each vendor, items may ship at different times. We will provide you with your Order’s Tracker where you will find your order numbers, the expected delivery dates and the retailer’s contact information for each item.

If you would like to:

Track your parcels: please check your tracker directly, we will update each of the items in your order with shipping information as soon as we receive it from the vendor.

Change delivery days or to choose a specific day: please speak directly with the retailer on the contact number provided in the tracker.

The shipping costs we quote come from our vendors and we will always be transparent with what they charge.

Do you provide a warehousing and installation service?

Yes we do. Let us know in your brief when you sign up that you would like to use a warehousing and/or installation service and we will be in touch with a quote and arrange it accordingly.

How do I return items?

Each vendor has specific return policies, so check for the exchange/return policy of the vendor you are ordering from. Once you have checked you are entitled to an exchange/refund, please reach out to returns@homewings.co.uk

Since all purchases are made by Homewings on your behalf, we will have to coordinate the return in order for you to receive a proper refund.

We will get back to you with next steps or to request further information.

Many items are able to be returned, if they are in new condition, within 30 days of order placement. All custom items and most sale items non-refundable. All returns must be in their original packaging. The customer is responsible for outbound and return shipping and handling costs. All shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. Restocking fees may apply in certain cases.