How does the Room Design Package process typically work?

Once a Designer has accepted a project, the digital design process starts with the Designer submitting a design concept to the Client based on the information in the Client’s online design brief. Once the client has signed off on the design concept, the Designer and Client continue to work together via Homewings online collaboration platform to approve all details prior to the delivery of the Final Design Package which includes an online shopping list, final design concept, furniture placement plan and set-up instructions.

How much time does it typically take a designer to deliver a Room Package project?

While each designer is different in their approach, a design project should take approximately 5 hours from start to finish, per room. This is an estimate based on the following breakdown:

  • Creating and submitting a design concept: 1 hour
  • Design phase: 3+ hours
  • Creation of the final Design Package: 1 hour

What is the general time line for a Room Design Package project?

Since this is an online platform, Clients and Designers save a lot of time by using this process. Typically the design flows as follows: Design Flow Time       Designers should submit a suggested design concept to a project within ~72hrs of the project launching. In the design phase of the project, Designer and Client typically work together for ~7 days (for a single room) Once the design phase is complete, the Designer has 1-2 days to finalise and deliver the final Design Package, i.e. online shopping list, final design concept, furniture placement plan and set-up instructions.

How do I communicate with the client after I accepted their design project?

All communication is done via Homewings online collaboration platform or email. If you have questions or would like to set up a Skype call with your client, we are here to assist you at any time!

What should I factor into the Client’s budget and what if I think it is not enough?    

The budget does not need to include taxes, shipping costs, or labour. All other items, paint, fixtures, accessories, etc. should factor into the Client's budget. If you think the budget the client set is unrealistic, you can advise them accordingly to manage their expectations. However, ultimately you should stick to the budget the client sets and make the most out of it.

Where and how do I source products for the Client’s Room Project?

You can source products from anywhere as long as it is available online and the Client can purchase them themselves (no Trade-Only items!). Custom products and products with lead times are welcomed as long as the Client can take care of all the details through the internet without the Designer’s help. If you have to pick up the phone and organise for shipping etc., then it’s out.

How do I accurately recommend finishing materials?

You can suggest finishing materials (i.e. paint, tiles, cabinetry, wallpaper, etc.) along with custom options, but you must reiterate that your client needs to work with a contractor for accurate measurements to ensure that the correct amount of materials is specified before ordering.

How much do I get paid and when?

The Friday after the week after you've delivered the Final Design Package, we issue payment to Designers (80% of Room Design Package price). Please note, it usually takes 2-3 business days for your bank to process the payment.

Do you differentiate between different levels of Designers?

Yes, we differentiate between Junior and Senior Designers based on years of work experience: Senior Designers have at least 5 years of experience running interior design projects for clients.

How does a Designer become part of the Homewings platform?

Requirements to be accepted on for the platform include a review of credentials (i.e. degree, certification and licenses), work experience, portfolio and/or sample design concept submissions, and overall professionalism. If you are interested in joining, click here. You'll need to provide a background summary, a professional resume, your interior design credentials and portfolio and/or sample design concept style boards (image formats only please, i.e. .jpg or .png).

What if the Client continues to contact me after I’ve delivered the Final Design Package?

If a Client continues to reach out to you after you've completed the project with additional questions or changes, please feel free to contact our office and we can help manage the situation. You can reach us at

Can I get my final design photographed, after the client has implemented it?

We know how hard it is to create a portfolio and we want to show off beautiful photos of your spaces. Professional photography may be coordinated if desired. Please contact Homewings for more information via email at

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