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Homewings designers are delicately hand-selected among the most promising design talents in Europe. When a designer applies, we always evaluate and select based on a combination of the designer's previous design work, experience, education and professional certifications.

Jane Anderson

After graduating from KLC School of Design I went on to work for The London Furnishing Company where I designed interiors for high end residential properties in London. I now run my own Interior Design company Jane Eve Interiors. Projects have ranged from designing and styling 2 bedroom properties ready for Air B n B to large family townhouses in need of complete renovations.

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Julian Maison

Julian spent his formative years in the family business offering interior design services and bespoke furniture as well as decorative antiques based. The company completed many high-end projects ranging from Boutique hotels to countless private homes overseeing every facet of the project. More recently Julian has personal and professional experiences with the growing online rental industry and what works best for Holliday or short-term rental homes.

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Jeni Madden

Jeni holds an Interior Decorating Certificate from KLC School of Design. Before establishing her own studio, offering full design and room consultations, she worked in fashion and textiles. Her style is informed by the current trends and is contemporary and unfussy, with an emphasis on practical, relaxed living, She loves combining High Street pieces with more unique finds to create an individual home.

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Sidika Owen

Sidika worked for ten years in mergers and acquisitions in the luxury goods sector and helped to found Savigny Partners. She was introduced to the world design when advising on the sale of the iconic British design firmTom Dixon to NEO. In 2014 she then re-trained as an Interior Designers at the Chelsea School of Art. She already has degree in Economics from the LSE and a fine art degree from the New York School of Visual Arts. She is now a consultant to Conley&Co, an interior design company based in South London and works as well as a freelance.

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Rocío García Prieto

I have been working mainly on commercial design projects combining them with residential from time to time. I like minimalistic spaces where you combine them with a touch of colours , natural textures , patterns and art influences. But most of all I love creating spaces where people feel unique . My strengths are understanding people’s needs and transforming them into their dream’s spaces

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Gemma Rowland

"I’m inspired by the successful juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional décor and passionate about creating stylish, individually tailored spaces to suit your every need." Gemma studied set design at Nottingham Trent University before adding a further qualification in interior design from JD Campus, London. She has a professional background in technical drawing and enjoys using these skills when planning the layout of your space.

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I've done over 8 years of experience as interior designer and worked over 100 residential and commercial projects for private clients and property developers. ...having previously studied Architecture and Interior Design at university I feel quite confident to provide a complete interior design service. I absolutely love interior design, it is the kind of job where you never stop seeing new ideas and ways to use them.

Debbie Washington

Interior Design has been both my passion and career for the past 13-years. During that time I have worked in London for four years and then Melbourne for the past nine. I have now returned back home to the UK with a wealth of design experience and an even bigger passion for this amazing industry. In London I specialised in high end residential projects for private clients, where projects were could range from full renovations through to on-line decoration advice and styling. Where as my Australian career was built around working off plan designs for display homes. A huge industry which saw me transition from Senior Interior Designer into Design Manager. Interior design as an ever growing industry that needs passionate people who can not only bring your visions to life, but can do so on selected budgets and time frames. Thankfully this is what I love and cannot imagine doing anything else.

Faye Robinson-Hey

Possessing over seven years’ experience in design I am qualified and experienced as both an Interior and Lighting Designer, having covered domestic and commercial sectors. After perusing a career as a lighting designer I then moved back into the world of Interior Design which is where my true passion lies. Working as an in-house designer for a high end hotel company before crossing over into the residential market, working with clients to create their dream home interiors. I believe it to be a great privilege to have the opportunity to breathe new life into spaces inspiring beautiful and diverse interiors that are personal and unique to each individual home owner.

Hatice Ozhisar

An ambitious, creative and dedicated design professional always eager to new projects and challenges that will present my existing creativity, competence and experience through my design solutions. Creative architect and interior designer with competence in interior and architectural design together with team management, consultancy, finance & budgeting, detailing via extensive range of private, academic and public projects.

Jude Micklewright

I have 16 years experience in Designing, Project Managing and completing Interiors on a broad range of properties, from Grand Victorian, Arts and Crafts and Listed Thatch to Bijou City. Whilst retaining the integrity of a room or property, my design style remains contemporary, elegant and sleek, yet I like to juxtapose my schemes with quirky, vintage or antique pieces, sourced from around the globe, and statement lighting to bring interest and a sense of the unexpected. Natural colours, textures and patterns are a particular strength.

Katherine Ogilvie

Aside from being obsessed with interior design and having bags of enthusiasm, I have a diploma from KLC School of Design in Chelsea and an interior design business in Bristol. Prior to setting up my business, I worked for 2 1/2 years for a luxury-brand interiors shop selling kitchens, bathrooms, furniture and accessories. I have also owned a pottery shop and spent 5 years as a camera woman at Nickelodeon and a production company that made programmes for Channel 5. Both of which relied on an having an eye to achieving what is aesthetically pleasing. I spend a (some might say) ridiculous amount of time googling interior design sites and blogs, so I know what the latest trends are, what bargains can be had, and where to find inspiration - whatever your project and style. Having worked on a wide variety of interior design projects I have the experience to guide you through yours.

Kathryn McKibbin

Having trained at KLC & with 10 years experience in high-end residential interiors, I aim to create individual interiors with a warmth of soul & character that truly reflect the personality of my clients. Inspired by modern, traditional and vintage aesthetics, as well as film, art, fashion and travel, I love combining the old with the new, textural contrasts, natural materials, and unexpected colour combinations. Practicality and efficiency in design is a priority, so great thought is given to maximising space and tailoring a scheme to the specific lifestyle needs of each client. I like to put a unique spin on even the simplest of designs.

Kirsti Prestmarken

Kirsti Prestmarken is CEO and director of interior design as well as the driving force behind By Kaape Interiors. She holds a bachelor degree from The School of Visual Arts (SVANYC) and The Oslo Academy of the Arts (KHiO) Norway. Kirsti has extensive project management experience at two of Norway's most prestigious and influential interior firms, Zinc AS & Iark AS. During her 8-year tenure, Kirsti managed several large-scale projects in major Norwegian cities and internationally including Oslo, Bergen and Svalbard-Arctic Circle. Her 3 most recent projects include the creation of new headquarters for Aftenposten newspaper, Schibsted publications and Bergens Tidene (BT) newspaper. The Bergens Tidene project is scheduled to be completed in 2017, resulting in “Media City Bergen” the largest media center in Bergen. At the moment working with interiors of SAS Polarhotel Longyearbyen- Svalbard in Norway and Tromsø new port, also in Norway. An enthusiastic world traveler, Kirsti immerses herself in multicultural design- skillfully interpreting and incorporating these elements in her project work. Kirsti’s boundless energy and a disciplined eye inspire her while creativity and ambition challenge and propel her in each new venture she undertakes. To learn more about Kirsti and to read her CV, please click into my linked-in profil: Kirsti Beate Prestmarken Looking forward to speak with you, Kirsti

Lally Walford

Lally has more 16 years experience in designing and decorating homes and working environments in London, Sydney and Edinburgh and their surrounding areas. Lally provides a personal service, supported by a wide variety of international suppliers and skilled tradespeople, aimed at delivering attractive, practical and tailored solutions. Projects vary widely in size and scope from large whole-house commissions to consultancy over single rooms, a piece of furniture or a pair of curtains. In all cases the intent remains the same: to save clients time, remove stress and uncertainty and present beautiful results.

Michael Long

Supremely creative, and driven by an intense passion for design Michael is an outstanding interior designer who've been awarded several prizes for design and innovation throughout his career. Michael’s aesthetic is inspired by his Italian heritage in conjunction with British quirkiness and warmth. This translates into spaces with timeless elegance and a touch of irony.

Natascha Dartnall

Industry experience: Former Partner of Blush Design, now founder of ND Studios, Natascha has a wealth of experience in high end interior design with projects ranging from super yachts, palaces, penthouses and large residential developments, through which she has built many long standing relationships with elite clients. Natascha has spent 14 years designing luxury interiors in London and around the world. She maintains involvement in all company projects ensuring each completed scheme is of the highest quality and consistency. Natascha’s involvement in the projects from concept pitches, through to space planning, schematic and detailed design. She works closely with specialist curators and sub contractors and understands the importance of the final styling and handover of the property to clients and their staff. Natascha has a Masters in Interior Design and History of Art, which she utilises to ensure the heritage of a property is respected.

Nicky Bailey

Nicky Bailey is a very experienced and confident designer having worked in the business for 18 years. She was trained in the classical style by some of London's top designers and has been running her own business for five years. Although well practiced in creating effortlessly classical interiors she likes to bring this style up to date with contemporary touches and artistic accessories to create a tastefully eclectic mix.

Olga Jarvis

Olga, having spent time in the industry working at high-end interior design companies now focuses on bespoke interior designs largely. Her experiences span multiple geographies having personally completed designs in Hong Kong, Cyprus, Moscow as well as London. Olga has lived in a number of countries in Europe and Asia and has travelled to more than 50 countries around the world leading to a unique style that provides an innovative and fresh view on life and design.

Paul Jezioranski

I had been passionate about gardening as long as I remember. As an 8 year old boy I was determined to transform my family garden into a beautiful, idyllic and relaxing space. I decided to study landscape design. In 2009 I decided to merge my experience and passion into a new venture, and become a full time garden designer.

Salissa Busatto de Oliveira

I am an Architect/ Interior Designer and Project Manager. I have more than 9 years of experience in interior design, besides residential, commercial and healthcare architecture, which I have developed in my native country, Brazil. I have worked as Interior Designer since I started my University. I enjoy to bring life to my clients' houses through the colors, designs and customization of environments. In my professional career I have learned that the most important is to understand the clients' needs. The project must be customized and must suit the customer.

Alexandra Badea

I have a degree in Architecture but I am most passionate about interior architecture and design. I love to solve problems in a creative way and reach a solution which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Amina Sultan

I have recently completed my diploma in Architectural Interior Design from Inchbald School of Design. For my designs I like to explore the architectural styles of various countries, because I strongly believe that the architecture of the buildings reflects the artistic expression of that culture. I love to experiment with various styles, designs and materials. My design philosophy is to create fusion of various styles, and my aim is to produce a design solution which is unique to the client, aptly reflecting their personality.

Ana Paula Perroni Laloe

Perroni Interior Design was founded in April 2015 and specializes in residential interior design consultancy and project management. Coming from a multicultural background, Ana Paula Perroni Laloe has a diverse life and professional experience. After several years of working with sales and marketing of colorants for the paint, coating and ink industries, this originally Chemical Engineer has decided to unleash her creative side and entered the Interior Design world through the doors of renowned KLC School of Interior Design in London. Her vision is that, as an Interior Designer, she undertakes the huge responsibility of becoming part of someone’s home and lifestyle in order to understand their wishes and dreams and translate them into practical and functional solutions. This is a two way process, an interchange and trust cycle, where the client’s needs are at the center of any developments. Open and effective communication are essential.

Carl Johnson

I have worked in the interiors sector for over thirty years and as a designer for the last six years. I have a diploma in professional interior design and a foundation degree in heritage interior design. I am currently working towards a BA Hons in Heritage interior design at the National Design Academy Nottingham. I Have a passion for Georgian and Victorian heritage schemes but also enjoy the challenge of a sleek modern well appointed scheme.

Catherine Laredo

Catherine holds an Interior Design Diploma from KLC School of Design. Before launching her own studio, offering full design and room consultations, she worked in fashion Luxury Hospitality and exclusive design. She is also a seasoned photographer. Her style is a fusion of west meets east with a great sense of warmth to enhance those feelings of cosiness and peace. She aims to put her clients needs and desires at the centre of everything she does to create extraordinary living spaces.

Charlotte Thomas

My Names Charlie Thomas. I’m an interior Designer and Interior Consultant who holds a first class BA Honors Degree in Interior architecture. I work with the belief that design should be accessible to all, beautiful, architecturally composed, sensitive and eclectic. My Interiors are both client focused and moulded. Communication is key and your space has to understand you, your needs and your lifestyle. Our environment defines our quality of life and I can’t wait to enhance your interior, your mind and provide you with a space that will make you beam!

Christine Tse

Hi I'm Christine Tse, a NYC interior designer with more than 10 years of design experience working with client's one on one and client's online! I help homeowners fall and stay in love with their home to live a life of pure bliss and infinite happiness! I specialize in transforming your design ideas into reality. I love discovering what makes each client unique and then interpreting that special awesomeness through design that let’s your personality shine.

Cinzia Moretti

With a diploma and a degree in interior design, Cinzia has been running her own practice of interior design and lighting design together with her husband for over a decade. She delivers professional design solutions with the Italian flair and passion. She is a registered member of the BIID (British Institute of Interior Design) and a tutor of the BAID (British Academy of Interior Design). Getting to understand your values and artistic preferences is essential to create personalised interior designs that are comfortable, eco-friendly and reflect our modern lifestyles - the key to a better way of living in the future.

Ed O'Donnell

I've been an interior designer for nearly 20 years, working on an exciting mix of private & residential development projects both in the UK & Europe. Interior design is always evolving and it genuinely thrills me to discover new trends and innovations in lighting, furniture, textiles, wall coverings – the list is endless. These developments help make interior design a constantly changing and fascinating world to be part of. I don't adhere to a "house style" as I believe that a home should reflect it's owner and it's important to reflect their personality. I always make the best use of space and love to create multi layered schemes using a fabulous mix of materials.

Helen Quaine

After completing an Interior Design degree at Bournemouth University in 2004, I went on to work for some of the top hospitality and high end residential design practices in London including RPW and MKV Design. Currently employed as an associate designer, I have had the privilege to design some of the most prestigious hotels and residences in the UK and abroad playing with a wide range of styles from contemporary, to mid century and heritage. Having recently started a family and needing to spend more time working from home, I am now also taking on my own private projects. With an extensive knowledge of suppliers and manufacturers and the ability to source unique and original items, I enjoy mixing antique and vintage finds with more modern pieces and have a passion to create authentic, inspiring spaces. I would bring this design spirit to every new project I take on be it large or small.

Holly Canham

After studying interior design at Chelsea College of Art, Holly set up her own design studio (Canham & Hart) with partner Alex Hart. Holly’s expertise lies in residential design with European influences, be that British, Scandinavian or French and loves the mix of contemporary & vintage to add depth. Holly strives to create interiors that are timeless and habitable and tailored to each client’s individual needs.


For the last 20 years I have worked for some of the most demanding clients in the world, notably top 500 business entrepenuers, celebrities and Royalty, mainly in London but also Cheshire. I have handled multi-million pound budgets and designed several projects simultaneously. I also design furniture and artwork and have exhibited both with great success. I currently liase with my numerous contacts in the industry to continue doing this and accept interior design commissions for residential and commercial projects. I started my passion in interior design when I was about 8 years old and moved my bedroom and discovered the exciting joy of aesthetics.

Jessica Ford

I am a designer who loves classic contemporary style where comfort is essential. I love to bring client's ideas to life in a way that they may to have thought of. I have worked with clients in London and the Cotswolds as well as working with developer clients, so I have a lot of practise in making a space look as best as it can be while still keeping an eye on the wallet. All of the properties I have worked on have reached record prices on their streets when sold.

Katherine Kunz

My design philosophy is based on respect for personal taste, identity and architecture. I embrace design that is not elitist and suits individual requirements, whether for private residences or retail projects. I believe in clear communication, creativity and sensitivity as essential tools of the trade. A Diploma from the British College of Interior Design and three years of freelance work in the trade has equipped me with all the necessary know-how to turn your interior dream into a reality.

kirsty heaton

hey, I am kirsty mother of two little boys and wife to my husband . I have always had a love for design. when I was about 7 i would play the sims till about 3am ! i have a strong passon for design it should be from the heart our homes are the only place in the world that is just about us so forget what everyone else says and forget about the fashions go with your heart ! i know i havent a long list of degrees but i really know i have the passon and love that no degree will teach , i have done modles ,floor plans ,3d room design ,writen for a magazine and much more please just ask too see my work i would be happy to show you! thank you kirsty

Lindsey Burrow

I am a professional interior designer, who has 7 years’ experience working with both domestic and commercial clients. I extremely customer focused; it’s important that the client is always happy and has enjoyed the experience. I’m very organised making sure the project is on time and in budget. I like to mix styles and play with colour, using them in different ways to produce unusual yet stylish designs. My personal style is very modern and minimal I hate clutter!

louise begley

I am a freelance architect with broad design experience. i have worked within the hospitality and residential sector for many years including design showrooms for developers and being part of Habitat interior design team.

Louise Misell

I have a background in Theatre Design, but retrained in Interior Design with City and Guilds and the British Academy of Interior Design. I currently work for a well known department store producing a wide range of unique schemes for clients. I begin by focusing on layout - practicality is essential - and then create warm, comfortable, inspiring schemes my clients love to live in. I don't have a signature style as I always design for the client, but I do like to encourage my clients to step out of their comfort zone and help them to create beautiful, engaging spaces which work for them.

Lucja Spizewska

I would like to express my passion for interior design with the Coco Chanel words: "An interior is the natural projection of the soul"

Natasha Birley

Natasha was awarded the Helen Green scholarship to study interior design at The Inchbald. She worked for an interior architect running the small works division focusing on room by room design. Alongside her design work, she has a done an array of interior styling for photoshoots. Natasha has a thoughtful, eclectic approach to her work and is inspired by natural materials and interior influences from around the world.

Prisca Confortola

I am an interior designer graduated at the IED European Institute of Design in Milan, I really like to design very practical and easy to manage spaces, I like to use color and wallpaper to give character to the spaces. I think that the home/hotels should reflect who lives there not the designer. These years I have designed many boutique hotels and private homes.

Rabea Deen

Rabea Deen trained as an interior designer at the KLC School of Design in Chelsea, London where she graduated with Merit. She is as passionate about architectural design as she is about interior design. Recognising early on that the two strands are perfectly allied and with over six years’ business experience, Rabea has developed a keen eye for creating awe-inspiring surroundings. Her approach towards new projects encompasses the fine balance of creative design with solid financial and project planning skills, focusing on delivery in a service-led manner. Rabea has spent over ten years travelling and living in various parts of the world, including Dubai and London. She is greatly influenced by classic contemporary timeless design and spaces where people can grow and feel inspired. Architecture combined with furniture design are Rabea’s passion, alongside her love of creativity and design in all its forms, from furniture and fashion to beauty and art.

Shari Chan

Recently graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design. Shari is an interior designer with a great eye for texture, pattern and colour. With this, she is able to create beautiful, unique spaces with unexpected, delightful combinations.

Sonia Mazni

In my work, with a Loft Design Inspiration, I try to reconcile rich and poor materials, find a new way to use light and each time it is possible, cleare spaces to rediscover their origin; I also tackle the ways of living. The spaces I designed enabled me to break the rules (Why should places be reduced to one function instead of favouring the sensations they bring us?) My experience at the Museum of Quai Branly (Paris) and my passion for the main artistic events and cultural phenomena has allowed me to develop skills as a creative thinker and to respond to a variety of briefs with my individual approach rather than a pre-determined output.

Aida Yosry

I have recently completed the KLC intensive interior design diploma course. At KLC school of design, I have formed a graduate portfolio of increasingly complex projects demonstrating professional competence and the capacity to translate and resolve the needs and aspirations of a client. I have been taught and mentored, by some of the industry’s leading professionals. I was also fortunate to work on real life projects with top interior designers as part of the course and also as work experience. Having been exposed to a wealth of Knowledge and expertise, I am motivated and inspired to create inspirational interiors that are unique to the clients.

Alex Meier

I aim to offer a personalised and bespoke interior design service to all my clients, individually tailored to the requirements and needs of each project. I support them through their concept, design and order process, being mindful of budget and aspiration. Drawing plans, advising the range of fittings and determining pricing options. From conception to completion, balance, harmony and fine attention to detail add up to restful yet stimulating interiors.

Anna Moller

I have design experience working with well known high street Retail brands and Luxury Hospitality for a highly prestigious London based interior design studio. Initially I concentrate on ensuring that the space works functionally for the user and how they personally like to live their lives. Working from this I look at how comfort can be introduced to ensure each area is enjoyed to its full potential. With influences from classic danish design combined with touches of earthy materials inspired by Riads in Morocco. Colour and comfort combined. I am keen to invite clients to maybe take a risk and step away from the average modern home that we see so often today and design a space that they love to live in which can lift their spirt and put them at ease.

Anna Proctor

Originally trained in Graphic design with a BA form Kingston University, I took a Diploma in Interior design at Cheslea College of Art and then proceeded to work for Surface Tiles in Battersea as a sales consultant for four years, working with architects, interior designers and retail clients to specify tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and other areas. I then relocated to the Bahamas for three years and wrote a blog for Surface about broad interior design topics, alongside painting and printmaking for group and solo art exhibitions and private commissions. Upon returning to the UK I set up my own mural painting service, designing and decorating interior walls with a contemporary approach, also offering styling and sourcing services to clients. I thrive on creating engaging and invigorating spaces which look and feel great.

Athina Benisi

What inspires me is minimal design with bold elements, with the Bauhaus movement playing a major part in my approach. Having been educated in interior architecture and production design for screen, I understand how to bring a space to life and give a unique atmosphere. I have been involved in various projects as an Art Director and Set Designer and am now working full time as an interior designer, combining my knowledge for all things design doing what I love most.

Benita Barretto

I'm a specialist in residential design, having completed a number of projects on below £30k budgets in central and South London, including redesign of whole flats as well as ad hoc such as bathroom or bedroom redesigns. I aim to be sensitive to the period of the building, whilst injecting a fresh and contemporary "wow" factor. I work closely with clients to understand and meet their design aims, whilst never overlooking the practical. Interiors are my passion; let me share some of my advice and insight with you!

Beth Cockayne

My background in fashion design has given me a keen eye for colour and the ability to translate trends into unique and personal design schemes for the home. What I love about interior design is the power that it can have over our moods. Our surroundings play a big part in how we feel from day to day. I am a strong believer that our homes should be an extension of our personalities which makes me passionate about delivering a scheme that reflects a clients personality. Along with the clients character I also like my work to compliment the style of a property. I am very much inspired by looks from past eras and enjoy combining them with more modern designs for a contemporary twist.

Bushra Ameen

Having studied at the Chelsea College of Arts, London, I specialise in creating personal, individually designed spaces that reflect the wishes of my clients. I believe great design is both beautiful and practical, and I love the role I can play in positively changing a space which reflects the brief of satisfied clients.

Cassandra Hall

Hi, I'm Cassandra, a professional Interior Designer based in Lancashire. I founded Triangle Design Studio in 2015 after working in the design industry on both commercial and residential projects and achieving a first class degree in Interior Design. ​I believe spaces should be easy to live and work in, functionally and aesthetically, and truly reflect the needs of the client. Recent projects include designing for offices, restaurants, houses, apartments and even a barge. I’m always looking for the next exciting project to work on!

catrin richards

I currently work for one of the big British home-ware retailers as a Home design consultant, so am experienced at conducting site visits and working to client briefs to create that dream home! (and yes that includes working to budgets). I love pushing boundaries and using bold colours and patterns, to create a wow-factor that people wouldn't normally have the confidence to do by themselves. I also love working with simple colours and mixing textures to create something cosy and timeless. I love a challenge! I trained as an artist, completing a Masters Degree in Fine Art, so I have an eye for the 'overall picture', as I am driven to work to an end goal. I love hunting down those small finishing touches, like photo frames,candles and cushions as they really have the power to pull a whole room together.

Cecile Bell

I am a French national born in Paris who has lived in London for the past 16 years. Having always worked in the Arts, I decided in 2013 to re-train as an Interior Designer at Chelsea College of Art to fulfil my passion for interiors, material, colours and a love for beautiful craftsmanship. I sat up my practice in 2014 and now works in South East London where I turn my client's house into a home that is both beautiful and inspiring to live in. Most importantly a home that fits around their needs. I will provide my clients with the full array of Interior design services, from Mood boards, to plans and elevations, lighting schemes, sample boards, and project management.

Elspeth Rose Cornish

Based in Stockholm, Internationally raised designer Elspeth Rose combines Scandinavian practicality and minimalism with British quirkiness, luxury and style. With a background education in Architecture Design (UCL) as well as a Degree in Interior Design (University of the Arts, London) Elspeth uses her training to technically assess each space, she uses freehand sketching to communicate her designs and ideas fluidly with her clients. Her aim is always to focus not only on the aesthetic appearance of a design but how it works, how it flows, how the users will "feel" in it. She believes that good design will improve not only a property's value but it's aura, it's essence it's 'je ne sais quoi'!

Emilie Martin

I believe that good design touches something deep inside us and can change our lives. I propose designs that really suit the clients’ specific needs and way of life, designs that works for a long time. I especially strive to reinvent spaces, to see their full potential and to find creative solutions by enhancing the architecture of the space, it’s views and natural light.

Emma Robinson

Having worked as a buyer for some of the UK's luxury interior retailers I formed Oh I Love That in 2012, with the desire to provide the magic of luxury for any budget. I always aim to design functional spaces that have an added touch of something special to make your home a joy to live in. I have designed and styled properties of all sizes both for the rental market and long term homes.

Francesco Savini

Graduated from IUAV Architecture in Venice achieving an MA in Architecture I moved to the UK and attended KLC School of Design becoming more focused on interiors. Most of my inspiration comes from concepts that involve psychological aspects. I also find collecting items, however large or small really helps me as well. At the moment I am working as store designer for an international prestige beauty company in London.

Hannah Farley

A little bit about myself, I grew up in Surrey, England and went to Central Saint Martins University in London to study a Textiles Design BA. My background has always been Textiles orientated however whilst I was at university I specialised my textiles work towards interiors. This is where my work really developed and gave me my love for interiors that I have now. I am completely obsessed with soft furnishings and I really believe that the right collection of fabrics, patterns, blankets and cushion can make any room, I guess that is the textiles side coming out in me. Colours are also a huge element in my creative world as you will see in my work. I LOVE colours! However subtle or bright they may be mixing them together with the right textures and tones can really bring a space to life.

Issy Rush Jansen

I am first and foremost a creative who loves to work with colour and shapes; The jobs I take on are as varied andd ifferent as the clients who commission them, however what remains the same is a confident and comfortable use of design. I love working with buildings of all shapes and sizes and am constantly excited by the new challenges brought on by bringing the best out of them.

Jacqui Askew

Jacqui has worked within the design business for over 20 years with an Interior Design Degree (University of the Arts, London). Working as an interior designer and stylist for residential and set design with work published in Elle Decoration, Grand Designs, Country Living. Jacqui works with clients to develop their own style to bring rooms to life by maximising space and light, and by introducing textures and colour to create considered and contemporary spaces.

Jazzmin fletcher

I am a young creative, who has always had a passion for interior design and an eye for detail. All my life I studied art and design, throughout school, college and university because I loved it. They say "... Do what you love and you will never have to work another day in your life..." So I started my career in the kitchen and bathroom industry, and I feel I am now ready to progress. This is not only my dream job but an amazing opportunity for me to further myself in my career. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. kind regards, Jazzmin

Jenny Murray

Jenny trained at Inchbald School of Design and has a wealth of experience in creating tailored and personal interiors and homes. Her approach is to create elegant and contemporary spaces with a strong attention to detail. She is passionate about designing spaces that not only look good, but work well for each individual client.

kirsty Whitfield

How would I sum myself up? ...creative, unique and a need to always opt for the bolder option. I am always keen to try something quirky, I adore different. My style has been described as eclectic but when you bring it all together it really works. My true passion is to create a space that first and foremost looks fantastically incomparable but is completely functional and practical. After all in our busy lives we need ease at speed!

Laure Moulin

My love for interiors brought me to London, the city that inspires me day after day. With a Diploma of Interior Design in my pocket, experience with design agencies and Interior Shops in London, I have a desire to help you create that interior you're longing for but secretly think might not be for you. Being Belgian living in the UK, I am influenced by Belgian minimalism and style as well as British individuality and eccentricity. I believe in the power of mixed cultures and places. From London to Brussels, in English, French or Dutch, I wish to share my passion with you.

Magdalena Wrobel

Every design brief has its challenges and surprises with each being approached separately. Clients’ are treated as individuals, allowing their varied tastes and ideas to come to the fore along with combination of my sense of translation to a language of design to create a beautiful end result. With a hint of the past, my designing aesthetic leans towards a modern style that is an airy and light Scandinavian style incorporating practical minimalism with a dynamic and historical industrial style. Brutalism with a splash of colour – because life is not black and white! Through my excellent listening and communication skills, exacting attention to detail, an emphatic understanding of my clients’ tastes and ideas, a precise awareness of timescale and budget, I create successful and impressive homes and offer a very personal and professional service With a maxim that „simplicity is the essence of good design” is reassuring to clients’ that interior design can be a reflection of individual taste and character developed by a guiding hand!

Marie Deleris

Marie ran a successful gift & homeware boutique in Oakland, California, before training as an interior designer at UAL Chelsea, in London. She strongly believes that a home should tell the story of their owners, and based on that belief, she strives to understand her clients, ultimately making their house a unique home. She loves to implement a colourful, playful, open, modern, and warm style to her work.

Nataliya Langhorne

Nataliya Langhorne has received a Master of Arts from Sotheby’s and a diploma from KLC School of Design. She assisted in setting up the New York outpost of Haunch of Venison gallery. While working at Linley, she designed Claridge’s hotel suites and high-end residential flats at the Lancaster Terrace development, as well as collaborating with designers including Rabih Hage. Creative Atelier consults to a wide range of private and corporate clients in London, New York and the Hamptons.

Raj patil

Dear Sir/Madam I am very excited to pursue this opportunity. I believe I have the skills (education and experience), the passion and the drive/attitude to be successful in this job. This position provides me an excellent opportunity to receive hands-on experience working with successful professionals on various projects. Educational Skills: To build a career around my passion, I have studied MA Interior Design at London Metropolitan University and hold an Associate's degree in Interior design from the New York School of Interior Design (NYSID). Professional Skills: I have worked for 4 months as an Interior designer and visual display assistant for Interior furnishing showroom Change that room (Helen Reed designs) in Chiswick, London. This helped me to understand various design principles like grouping methods, developing themes, inspiration, use of colour, pattern, form, texture and lighting. As a visual display assistant I was in charge of creating new window dressing, required room sets, interior styling and maintain in-store display. I have also worked for 6 months as a Junior Interior designer for Studio Reed in Chelsea, London and 1 year at Kelly Hoppen Interiors in Nottinghill, London. This helped me to develop my presentation & client management skills and the ability to work as a team. I gained professional experience in interior layout planning, researching furniture, fabrics and other interior products and liaising with suppliers across UK, Ireland, Continental Europe and USA. Software Skills: I’m proficient in AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, Sketch up and Adobe Photoshop. My Microsoft Office skills include PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Outlook. I have good understanding and appreciation of creative and artistic activities, good hand-eye coordination, colour sense and excellent designing abilities. I believe this will help me to be successful in this job. I look forward to an opportunity to meet with you in person and demonstrate my suitability for this job. I would be happy to provide any additional information/details. Thanking you. Raj Patil

Rebecca Hayes

Rebecca re-trained as an interior decorator at KLC School of Design in London after a number of successful years as a City Solicitor. She was Student of the Year, and now specialises in residential interior design. Her designs have featured in many UK interiors magazines. Her style is a mixture of contemporary with a vintage/mid century/industrial edge and with an injection of colour. She does not believe in subscribing to one particular style.

Salsabil El-awaisi

Interior design is not only a job but a way to help people express themselves. As an interior designer, I believe I am capable of understanding and listening to what a client needs and with my expertise I can translate that into a reality. Traveling has really helped me find new ways to style spaces and widened my design spectrum. I find inspiration in anything and everything around me. With every project I seek new concepts, new techniques, and new materials to perfectly compliment that one client and that one space. Starting my own business has given me the flexibility to work very closely with my clients.

Sam Bramley

Sam has a flare for creating stylish interiors that will not only alter the way you feel about your home but will revolutionise how you use it. She has successfully transferred ten years of experience building credible and beautiful scenery on the small and big screen to individual projects both commercial and domestic. She keeps her eye on the current trends through blogging and always has an eye for those special buys that will make you proud of your home. Her passion and dedication mean her designs are always on point.

Zenab K. Majid

Skilled Interior designer with broad experience in the design industry. Having an architecture background has made me excel at juggling multiple tasks and working under pressure with 3 years experience. Areas of expertise include Interior Design, Architecture and Team working. As a designer I strive hard to understand the needs of my clients and to be able to come up with designs that inspire as well. I work with the principles of space planning and psychological aspects to create well considered spaces that allow people to truly relax in them. I also work alongside Architects and Builders, this allows me to have a broad spectrum view on how my designs impact on others.